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Before you set off for Russia

Updated on September 15, 2011
Autumn in Russia
Autumn in Russia | Source

Russia is the largest and one of the most magnificent countries of the world. Plan out everything before you set off for Russia to utilise your time and money effectively.

The best time to go

July and August are the hottest months in Russia when temperature can be as high as 35 or 38 Degrees. Autumn season from September to October is the best time to explore the charm of amazing Russia. The trees look stunning with exceptionally beautiful leaves due to their changed colour. Russians collectively go to the forests to gather mushrooms and berries. Don’t miss a chance to go mushrooms picking if you’re offered one by your friend.

Real Russia

Try to arrange a trip out of Moscow and St. Petersburg too. If you truly want to have a taste of real Russia, you’ll find it in the villages and cities other than Moscow and St. Petersburg. Plan for the historic cities or the Golden ring (that includes Vladimir, Suzdal and other places like Kizhi Island, small towns with beautiful cathedrals, churches), Siberian region where you’ll find stunning Kamchatka Volcanoes, Lake Baikal, Russian flora and fauna.

Things you need

Due to unexpected rains and chills in autumn and spring it is recommended to carry an umbrella, a hat and a thin overcoat. If you plan to go to the churches too then ladies do not forget your headscarves otherwise babushka or grannies in the church will give you stern looks. Also wear modest clothes in the church. Short skirts or shorts and (too) revealing clothes must be avoided.

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Baikal | Source
Baikal Lake
Baikal Lake | Source
Kamchatka Volcano
Kamchatka Volcano | Source
Kamchatka | Source
Kamchatka | Source


Rouble is the basic monetary unit used in Russia. You can get your Dollars, Euros, GBPs exchanged for Roubles at the banks and other exchange centres. But always make sure that you exchange at an authorised bank only instead of exchanging at the private exchanges.

Travellers cheques are easy to encash in big cities. Western Union local and International money transfers and International bank transfers are also available in large and mid sized cities.

Taking photographs

Some museums, churches and galleries restrict photography. Don’t take photos if it is mentioned. Should you’ve any questions regarding photography, please don’t hesitate to ask the person in authority. Some official and military establishments ban taking photos. If you’re caught doing so, you’ll face troubles. Better ask before than to feel sorry later.


There are some closed areas in Russia where foreigners are not allowed for example Kola Peninsula and far Eastern areas, if you’re determined to go there then acquire legal written permission for the same.

What you can take out with you

Custom authorities are quite strict regarding the things you’re taking out of the country. If you buy anything from a legitimate store then keep the receipt of that purchase safely with you. Antiques, coins, paintings from commercial galleries are required to be evaluated by the concerned authorities for assessing the tax. You’ll be issued a receipt after tax payment. Such things along with the receipts need to be declared to the customs at the Airport.

Kizhi Island
Kizhi Island | Source
Suzdal | Source
Vladimir | Source


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    • Rooskaya profile image

      Rooskaya 6 years ago from Russia

      Hello, Yes Russia is a beautiful country. Nowadays you may get 30 Roubles for $1. Moscow is a very expensive city but after some research you can set your budget accordingly. Small cities are not expensive. Thanks for the comment.

    • ugina profile image

      ugina 6 years ago from Bhutan

      Wow, your country is beautiful. I want to visit someday. How many roubles do you get for a $ one dollar? Is it expensive to visit Russia?

    • Rooskaya profile image

      Rooskaya 6 years ago from Russia

      Thanks Ingenira. It's quite easy to rent a car if you hire a driver too who knows Russian and English both. It would be convenient for you due to language barrier in Russia. Renting a car is quite expensive in Moscow but doing some initial research will provide you a brief information you need about their service charges. Additionally, if you stay at a hotel, it would be easy as they have their own conveyance for the guests.

      It's convenient and pleasant to go by car to enjoy natural beauty of Russia. Enjoy!!

    • Ingenira profile image

      Ingenira 6 years ago

      Excellent information! One more question, how easy is it to rent a car and drive around in Russia ?

    • Rooskaya profile image

      Rooskaya 6 years ago from Russia

      Thank you Seeker7 for reading my hub and voting up. Russia is a beautiful country and many beautiful areas are still unexplored. I hope you'll enjoy more hubs from me. Thank you.

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      What a wonderful hub giving us great information on your beautiful country - the photographs are stunning. Voted up + awesome!!! Many thanks for sharing this beautiful hub.

    • Rooskaya profile image

      Rooskaya 6 years ago from Russia

      Thanks SP, I would keep up my hard work!!!!!!!!! Thank you......

    • spsingh profile image

      spsingh 6 years ago from

      wow all wallpapers are amazing saved !!!! Thanks..

    • Rooskaya profile image

      Rooskaya 6 years ago from Russia

      Privyet,I do not know anything about the military presence but the area is close to the border.

      For domestic flying in Russia there are domestic carriers other than Aeroflot too.

    • A.A. Zavala profile image

      Augustine A Zavala 6 years ago from Texas

      Is the Kola penninsula off limits because of military activities? Can you fly in on carriers other than Aeroflot?