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Being Young Again In Puerto Vallarta

Updated on October 2, 2012

The Puerto Vallarta I know

During the last few years of my annual sabbatical to Puerto Vallarta for the premise of rejuvenating my soul and to pretend I'm once again young,

I take pleasure in acknowledging that in this city where the most unexpected and random occurrences are to be expected there is also a feeling of tranquility. Even though I can be away for a year at a time I eventually see the same characters each year walking down the old cobble stone streets of the city.

One character I have often seen is a portly type of man, ether American or Canadian walking with a large dog by his side or sitting by his feet as he reads a book at an outside cafe. His attire of choice is always a colorful Tommy Bahama type of shirt (though I'm sure it's a much cheaper version) unbuttoned and flowing around his large girth.

He either wants people to know of the a good life he has lived or more likely, doesn't give a shit what people think. Seems I would run into him several times a day during my trips.

My favorite Amsterdam Bartender

"Hellooo Dear"
"Hellooo Dear"

There is also the bar down the street I walk into each year and greeted with a loud, booming voice that welcomes me with a “Hellooo Dear” from my favorite Amsterdam bartender as if I had just last seen her yesterday.

Same with the beach venders and the wait staff at the small, open air beach shack I choose each night to watch the sun set . As the last rays of the sun disappear beneath the water, people around me clap politely. The same scene plays over again the next night during an encore performance.

Time always goes by much too quickly while I play the beach bum in Puerto Vallarta. Soon I will have to grow up again, take off the bracelets and necklaces I buy from the small shops around town. These are not items I would wear at home, back in the world I call home.

My last trip I saw all the usual suspects around town but one. The large man with the dog. It was during my last day before I returned back to my world when I saw him walking with his typical, colorful shirt but this time the shirt was carefully buttoned and he walked alone. May have been my imagination but I think he walked a step slower.

I'm looking forward to coming back next year and seeing what kind of dog will walk by his side. Life and the people in Puerto Vallarta seem to hit a small bump once in awhile that disrupts the daily routine of this city or the individual. More likely then not, the small “bump” is only a temporary annoyance and a reset takes place and life continues, like it does every year.


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