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Being Safe While Staying at Hotels

Updated on June 16, 2015
Lobby at Hotel Arosa in Spain.
Lobby at Hotel Arosa in Spain.

Hotels are an exciting experience for travelers. While staying in a hotel is meant to make visitors comfortable, it’s a good idea to ensure your hotel room is safe and secure. Many hotels have security officers who patrol day and night. There are surveillance cameras to track what’s going on in the rooms. Those cameras are used to capture anything suspicious, such as a burglary or robbery.

In the meantime, you can protect yourself and your guests during any hotel stay. You just need to understand what to do. General procedures include keeping doors shut and locked, knowing where the emergency contact information is, and looking out for any suspicious activities. You also want to keep your belongings in a safe place so they won’t get stolen. Here are some helpful tips for your safe hotel stay:

Ask for emergency numbers

While reserving your hotel room, it’s a good idea to know who can help protect any kind of incidents. Will the reservation staff be available at the desk 24/7, including overnight hours? In case of theft, see if there will be any security guards patrolling the hotel. Ask for a list of emergency numbers so you’ll know who to call if an emergency arises. If there’s a fire, check with the list. If you need to report a serious injury, use the list to dial for medical assistance.

Make sure your room is clean and tidy

Once the hotel room is yours for a while, of course, you should expect it to be inviting. It should be very clean, cheery, and well kept. Beds should have already been made, with the floors free from any kind of clutter. But sometimes, hotel rooms may have dirt or stains that might be hazardous to you or your guests. If you see any urine stains in the bathroom, for instance, go back to the reservation desk and opt for a new, cleaner room, or perhaps find another hotel.

Clean, spotless hotel rooms are destined to make guests feel comfortable during their stay.
Clean, spotless hotel rooms are destined to make guests feel comfortable during their stay.

Lock your room and windows

You should definitely keep your door lock at all times. Thefts occur because some people don’t double check to see their doors are shut and locked. Never leave your door ajar, no matter how quick your errand is. Lock it with a latch so the door is securely shut. And keep your door key or card with you at all times. As for the windows, keep them locked, too. Use curtains to cover them, especially at night for your privacy.

Use a peephole before opening the door

Whenever someone is knocking on your hotel room door, use the peek hole to see who it is first. If it’s someone you’re not expecting or you’re just not comfortable opening the door, ignore until he or she walks away. You never know the visitor could turn out to be some robber. Again, report anything suspicious to the hotel lobby or police.

Store your belongings safely

While it’s always a good idea to leave valuable things like excess jewelry at home, there’s still room to place them in. Keep your belongings in a safe place where no one can get them. You can leave them in drawers if you wish, but it’s usually best to use something that has a lock. See if you can place your valuables in a hotel safe, or just leave them with the hotel front desk while you’re out.

Gather all your belongings before checking out

You don’t want to leave anything that might get stolen when you leave the hotel. So before you leave your room to check out, make sure you have all your belongings with you. Don’t forget the places you used to store your valuables. They include drawers, closets, underneath beds, etc.

You want to make the most of your hotel stay; it’s up to you to be safe. Remember, there’s always someone working at the hotel who can assist you with anything you need. That helps to make your hotel stay feel like home. Let it be worthwhile!


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