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Best Activities To Do In South Beach

Updated on January 2, 2013

South Beach. Just the name brings to mind beautiful beaches by day and glitzy nightlife when the sun goes down. And it’s true: South Beach is a dream vacation destination. There is something for everyone. Now that I have been a resident of Miami for just over 3 years, I thought it would be fun to make a list of some of the top attractions in Miami Beach, for anyone wondering what this sunny fantasyland has to offer.


South Beach has earned the reputation for having some of the best nightclubs in the world, and rightfully so. Public opinion says that LIV at the Fontainebleau is the #1 choice for clubgoers. This place is a huge super-club that features top DJs and celebrity performances on a regular basis. Another well-known South Beach choice is Nikki Beach. Known for its extraordinary design and jet-setting crowd, they have a popular all-day party on Sundays, for those of us that just don’t want the weekend to end. Honorable mentions for awesome clubs include Wall at the W, Mokai, Mansion, and Mynt Lounge. My personal favorite is SET.



South Beach’s actual beach is absolutely stunning. The sands are almost white and the water is blue and clear. Palm trees sway in the light breeze. Personally, I have never seen a more gorgeous strip along the Atlantic. South Beach attracts an international crowd, and you will come across young people on Spring Break drinking on the beach, as well as an older crowd, asleep in their beach chairs as the sun hits their face. However, visitors should be advised that certain sections of the beach are more family-friendly than others (ie. less naked people). Families would likely feel most comfortable in the section of the beach above Lincoln Road; below this point, there are more people partying and wearing questionable attire.



There are many sightseeing busses in Miami Beach that cater to various crowds. There are the standard busses that bring visitors to historic buildings, tourist strips (like Ocean Drive), and popular shopping and dining locales (some of these busses let you “hop on, hop off,” so you can get off and do things that look interesting to you). There are also busses that do day trips to exciting places outside of the immediate South Beach area (like the Everglades, Disney World, etc). However, my favorite bus of all is actually a bus AND a boat! The Duck Tour bus, guided by professional comedians, takes you all around South Beach and then converts into a boat and splashes into Biscayne Bay, where the tour then passes by beautiful and extravagant houses owned by celebrities. Not to mention, it’s amazing to see Miami from the water in all of its natural glory.



Miami Beach has a great shopping district, with popular stores lining the streets (if you know which streets to look). Collins Avenue has a shopping district from 6th street to 9th street, with popular stores for all budgets, including Urban Outfitters, Nicole Miller, Guess, etc. It is also home to The Orchid Boutique store, with the hottest selection of swimwear and cover ups on the beach! Further up is Lincoln Road, another highly popular shopping district, offering everything from the Gap to French Connection, and everything in between. Lincoln Road is also a hub for popular restaurants, which leads me to my last point of interest in Miami Beach…



Miami Beach is known for its international spectrum of cuisines, and there are choices for every budget and every palette. Below Fifth Street is an area that caters to people interested in fine dining, while Lincoln Road has a mix of high-end cuisine and cute little restaurants. The most popular fine dining restaurant is hands down Prime 112. Celebrities dine here daily, and I know why they do. The food is always perfectly done, and their Fried Oreos dessert is the best dessert I have ever had. The Oreos are fried in some kind of dough, and served warm, with ice cream on the side. Mmm! However, it is really difficult to get a reservation here, due to its popularity. Other popular choices include Joe’s Stone Crab, Nobu, and The Forge.


All in all, I would highly recommend visiting South Beach. There is so much to do, day or night! Enjoy!


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