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Cheap Airline Tickets & Tips

Updated on July 10, 2017

Cheap Site for Airline Tickets

You've heard that the time you buy your airline tickets matters, but as long as it's a good couple weeks before the trip and you see the lowest price, you BOOK IT!

I have heard that if you book a certain day of the week it matters for the price of the airline ticket, but I haven't noticed that if you book it on a Tuesday, 8 weeks before the trip that you will find a low price. The way I book my tickets is, I play it by checking everyday and the site I am going to give you actually gives you a line up of all the cheap days that week so you can book accordingly and get the lowest fare. is my favorite, it includes a real time search of all airline carriers and helps you determine the best price, best travel time,and a good price for your best trip! You plan everything your self because of how easy it is to work with.

Anyone heard of the site : MOMONDO.COM ?

Your Hotel Search!

Shown above is the mobile site of

As you can see it has already shown you the cheapest,quickest, and best route to fit your travel needs.This is hands down my favorite site for flights internationally, as far as booking a hotel I prefer to use (Booking.yeah!)

When you get to the site, it is an easy set up for you to choose your days and area you want your hotel in. The next page shows up all the possibilities in the area and ratings as well as price per night for your stay. I like this site because it tells you how many rooms are left, so if you're organizing with a group you know what to prepare and organize according to the hotel.It shows you the best deal of the day and how much cheaper you can get it for, compared to other sites.


Tips for your trip!

*I do suggest if you're traveling for the winter holidays do your research and make sure you check for tickets 3 to 4 months in advance to book the best price.

*Pack light & leave room in your suitcase

This is my golden rule. Every time I travel I buy gifts, and clothing to bring back. I have definitely been over the limit before and that of course costs extra money that the airline carrier must charge you.

*Have enough cash on you for your week or two, so you're not constantly racking up those atm fees for pulling out every 2/3 days, but also be safe and try not to flash it and take it out to count it in a group of people. Never know who is watching.

*Lock your luggage and even wrap it at the airport! (Some airports offer a shrink wrap type of plastic so that no one messes with your luggage or have it fall apart)

*On your carry on have wet wipes, gum, a mini toothbrush set, hair brush, medicine if needed.

*Lastly I would suggest renting a car once in the country because sometimes airports overcharge if you rent through them. Do your research on car rentals,

*Sometimes you even get a bigger bang for your buck because of the currency. keep track of how much you pull out and make sure your bank knows you're traveling!

Packing is a hard thing to do when you want to fit your whole wardrobe in your suitcase because you don't know what to take.

Here are some tips for getting your stuff together!

  1. Know what activities are planned for you, plan your wardrobe and style around that.
  2. Is there a booming nightlife in the area, is it more of a farm, are you hiking everyday of your trip, pack for the occasion and bring 3 outfits for everyday shopping or strolling in the town.
  3. Shoes should cover all aspects of trip: Sneakers, heels, (2 pairs at the most girls!!), and fancy shoes for the guys! - Flip flops for around the house, you can even throw those in your carry-on to save your space.
  4. Here is another trick for space efficiency! When you are packing your clothes in your suitcase, have you ever thought about rolling them up? This trick works better than folding each and every item one by one. Once you're done you have enough space for your shoes!


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      3 years ago

      Great article! Very insightful and helpful!


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