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Best Airlines in the World

Updated on June 30, 2011

Flying has become one of the most essential ways of transportation in the world. Everyday thousands upon thousands of people board on a plane and fly somewhere around the world; some fly farther than others flying upwards to 10 hours, while some just go for a quick little jaunt over a mountain in under 20 minutes. The variety of planes that have been invented, as well as the dramatic improvement of technology has made traveling by air one of the best ways to travel.

But what is the best?

Air travel is also a business; hundreds of airlines have been created, each one with their own travel routes, prices, features, air time. It's a hard decision, when you go onto a travel website, to pick from all airlines in the world.

Why not pick one of the best?

Every year the World Airline Awards take place (also known as the Skytrax awards) who survey million of people to figure out what the best airline is. Of course this all on a customer satisfaction level so it doesn't take into account the best airline prices or the best airline deals.

That's why you've come here. You want a real list of the top airlines in the world, one that tells you exactly which airline logo of the world you can trust the most.

Forget a list of the top 10 airlines of the world; let's go smaller; let's go better.


Here is a list of the five best airlines in the world: ________________________________________________________________

Singapore airlines are of the best airlines in the world.
Singapore airlines are of the best airlines in the world. | Source

Singapore Airlines

For a small country this could possible be the best airline in the world. Founded in 1947 Singapore Airlines have some of the best airline prices; they also, annually, some of the best airline deals (free round trips, first-class upgrades for free, ect).

But to be a top airline of the world you have to do more than that. You have to go above and beyond the call of duty and give every singly customer the perfect satisfaction.

Singapore airlines has an extremley easy to use website - you can easily check when your flight is to take off, any delays, and any other airline deals you've missed. All airplanes include WiFi options and first class have the inclusion of showers.

Singapore airlines was given the award for best cabin staff - something that is hard to come by. A good cabin staff is a great way to ensure an enjoyable and relaxing flight - something that Singapore airlines easily does.


If you're lucky Air Canada, one of the best airlines in the world, will let you see into the cockpit.
If you're lucky Air Canada, one of the best airlines in the world, will let you see into the cockpit. | Source

Air Canada

Although North America isn't as traveled as the rest of the world, it still has some of the best travel destinations in the world. Therefore one of the best airlines in the world is one that gives you the best airline prices for North America.

Air Canada is better than most USA airlines only because it has good airline deals as well as many cheap international flight tickets. Out of all airlines in the world, Air Canada has some of the most reasonable cabin staff (if you don't like a meal you can easily get a knew one); it also has strict safety policies.

Traveling within Canada is very cheap with Air Canada, as well as travelling to most of the United States.


Asiana won the award for the best airline of 2010.
Asiana won the award for the best airline of 2010. | Source


Part of the Star Alliance, Asiana airlines flies to over 50 cities in 17 countries. It is arguable the best airline in the world - it of the prestigious airline of the year in the 2010 World Airline awards.

Asiana airlines is especially good at making the customer happy, which is probably why it one the best airline award (as deemed by the passengers). It's first class lounge is the best in the world - big spaces, big t.v, showers, internet, good food - and even it's second class has every singly ammenity you could ask for.

Although, compared to other top airlines in the world, Asiana doesn't have the best airline prices, it does have, if you look at a list of airlines in the world, some of the cheapest international flight tickets.


New Zealand Air is the safest airline in the world.
New Zealand Air is the safest airline in the world. | Source

Air New Zealand

When you go through a list of airlines in the world and try to decide which is the best airlines in the world, what exactly do you look for?

The cheapest flight tickets?

Best first-class seating?

Biggest variety of on-board enterainment?

Safety record?

One of the key aspects to any airline is its safety record. And of all airlines of the world Air New Zealand has the best one. In over 35 years their have no fatal accidents flying Air New Zealand.


Expect good flight prices with the airline Qantas.
Expect good flight prices with the airline Qantas. | Source


Last, but not least, is Qantas. Founded in 1920, Qantas is Australia's national airline and has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Qantas also hasn't had any major crashes or fatal incidents in over 50 years.

So why is it in top 5 list of the best airlines in the world?

Because it has the best airline prices in the world, hands down. Although it's customer satisfaction rating isn't as high as Asiana, the winner of best customer satisfaction, it still gets the job done. It has all the internet options and showers options of any first class airlines; for economy class you can expect the washrooms to not be as nice and clean as other airline, but the food is still good, as well as the rest of the cabin.

Best airline deals? Yes - and this makes it one of the world's best airlines.


What Best Airline of the World is Your Favorite?

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A List of Other Top Airlines of the World

  • Emirates
  • Cathay Pacific 
  • Thai Airways
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Kingfisher Airlines


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    • zodiactravels profile image

      zodiactravels 6 years ago from Nigeria

      I like the Air travel innovations of Emirates. The seem to be in every country. In Africa, I think you could also include "Air Nigeria" among the best airlines.