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Best Antigua Resorts

Updated on September 23, 2012

Antigua All Inclusives - Scandals

Antigua, a beautiful place to visit, the perfect romantic getaway for people in love, this polished antigua vacation spot offers accommodations,execellent service and a romantic atmosphere that has earned the hotel the awards of the Leading Antigua Honeymoon Resort four years in a row.

Antigua all inclusive resorts are the best way to go when shopping for a vacation for two, or if you prefer it can be a family getaway. Finding Antigua deals are possible especically when working close with your travel agent.

Antigua Scandals all-inclusive Mediterranean Village, the largest pool in the Eastern Caribbean and a great location fronting the famous white-sands of Dickenson Bay, guests experience a sophisticated elegance and gracious hospitality during stays at this memorable getaway.

Scandals is one of the best Antigua resorts for honeymooners, finding a great deal is very possible when shopping for a cheap Antigua vacation package.

Best Antigua Resort Amentities


With almost every resort there is a period where the prices become low, not because the location is now poor but because all of the hotels and flights are still servicing the area but the demand is simply not there. Examples of shoulder seasons are Europe in the fall and the Caribbean during late spring.

When comparing packages the amentities are what travellers should look for and compare. The best Antigua resorts will offer a range of amentities from; first-class spa treatment, tennis, swimming pools, golf, guided tours and much more.

Antigua is one of the leading honeymoon resort destinations.  Destination weddings are very popular and using an Antigua all inclusive package is a way to get the most for your money.

All Inclusive Resorts

Antigua All Inclusives
Antigua All Inclusives

Your Cost

  • $1138 (approx) 4 nights 5 days 2 people (Scandals)
  • $2300(approx) 4 nights 5 days 2 people (Grand Pineapple)
  • $2500(approx) 4 nights 5 days 2 people (St. James)
  • $2499(approx) 4 nights 5 days 2 people (Galley Bay)

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The Truth Regarding All Inclusives

So what's the real deal on all inclusive Antigua resorts deals? They are great working directly with a travel agent will help you benefit to get some of the best deals you normaly would not have an opportunity to receive. Traveling to any all inclusive resort for a vacation or just a weekend getaway a travel agent is someone you need to know.

Travel agents will have special deals and promotions for their clients that you could not access without an agent.  Travel agents can give you special resort or travel credits to be used to reduce the cost of your travel.

Resort Suites

Antigua Resorts
Antigua Resorts

Grand Pineapple Antigua Beach Resort

Authentically Caribbean, this laid-back island resort appeals to families, couples and active travelers seeking all-inclusive value. You will find tucked away white-sand beaches, speechless sunsets, and plentiful amenities that provide the perfect setting for fun in the sun.

At this Antigua all inclusive resort guest are treated to Caribbean-style guestrooms; a great location fronting Antigua's secluded Long Bay; beachfront swimming pools; tennis courts; a disco; nightly entertainment; a game room; exciting  water sports, including windsurfing, snorkeling, and sailing and a selection of enjoyable restaurants and themed-buffets serving up popular favorites like Italian, Caribbean and tasty Mexican style dishes.

Activities - Spa, Casino, Fitness Center, Swimming Pools

Grand Pineapple Resort

Grand Pineapple Antigua
Grand Pineapple Antigua

St. James Club

Set on Antigua's southwestern coast, this grand full-service resort offers a wide range of luxury accommodations, deluxe amenities and a variety of services ideal for active travelers and honeymooners alike. Notes as one of Antigua's most classy,  beachfront resort and yacht club graciously fronts a private peninsula with two wonderful beaches and acres of tropical gardens.

St James Club

St. James Club
St. James Club

Galley Bay Resort

An all inclusive Caribbean resort, this picturesque resort offers a pristine beachfront location, exquisite dining, water sports and a romantic atmosphere all its own. Set in a tropical gardens, a breath taking lagoon, a bird sanctuary and a palm-fringed white-sand beach, this exclusive resort boasts comfortable, spacious rooms in a relaxing environment.

Galley Bay Antigua

Galley Bay
Galley Bay


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