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Best Backpacks For Backpacking

Updated on April 13, 2013

Backpacking is one of the more popular things to do in the world that isn't very influenced by the media or pop culture in general. Backpacking is more of a secretive thing, the ones who do it - and experience - the only ones who know how wonderful an experience it is.

People who have been backpacking will also tell you that preparing for the trip is just as important as the trip itself; there are numerous different items that need to be bought, secured, and packed before you can hike the worlds wonders. Sleeping bags, cooking gear, compass, water... and, of course, a backpack.

Backpacker backpacks are the most important item for backpacking because, well, without it there is no trip. Backpacks for backpacking are different than normal, every-day, backpacks; they are bigger, hold more, lighter, studier. They are, in a word, meant to survive.

But what are the best backpacks for backpacking? Many people will tell you that the best backpacking backpack is different for different people; some consider any cheap backpacking backpacks as the best hiking backpacks; some, on the other hand, want quality and will search high and low for the best backpacking brands and the best backpackers backpack.

What are you looking for?


Cheap Backpacking Backpacks

like mentioned before the best backpacking backpacks vary between people.   For some, including myself, the best backpacks for backpacking are the ones that are very affordable, are of high quality and basically just get the job done.  These are the backpacking packs that don't have any unnecessary features, or have any extra equipment, but just have what is needed - space and security. 

First thing first, though:  what is considered a cheap hiking backpack?  You have to take all things in consdieration first; by this I mean you have to make sure the backpack for backpacking you buy has all the necessary features and compartments (for sleeping bags, water ect), and then you have to ask yourself if you want any added comforts. 

One of the best cheap backpack meant for backpacking is all sport backpacks made by Teton.  Teton backpacks all fall in the range of 50-100, making them an excellent choice of purchase.  They all have an internal frame that, in comparisson, can hold up to 85 liters.  With dual aluminum stays with pads for all areas of the body, this is a very comfortable backpack.  All in all Teton is one of the best backpacking brands that makes some of the cheapest hiking backpacks. 

Backpacker Backpacks

Some of us are more serious about our backpacking.  We don't want to climb the nearest mountain, we want to climb that mountain and then climb the next five after that.  This means that a cheap backpacking backpack won't get; it means you'll need something more advanced; it means you'll need a real backpackers backpack. 

Luckily many of the best backpacker brands known this and have made some very high quality backpacks for backpackers.  The price is more expensive but for what you get, and the durability in which they are built, it's worth it. 

As for the top brands for backpacker backpacks Kelty Red and Gregory.   These kind of backpacking backpacks have multiple pockets and zipper access points; they are also, for the way they are built, make great use of space.  Expect an additional 20 litres of space when buying a backpackers backpack. 


Backpacking can happen anywhere.
Backpacking can happen anywhere. | Source


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have the student pack veorisn of the classic backpack. It may look small on the outside, but it’s surprisingly spacious on the inside. I can squeeze my entire laptop inside which I need to bring to school occasionally, and still have ample space to comfortably squeeze in a couple of personal belongings like a water bottle. It’s quite a useful bag.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      If you want a bag i'd try forever 21, htiolselr, American Eagle, or maybe even Like Culture. Possibly H M. Forever 21 is where i bought mine when i was a freshman, and it was pretty cheap. Make sure it's strong enough to hold all your books though, you don't want your bag falling apart in the middle of the school day.Hollister and American Eagle make excellent bags, but everyone has them, so if you're trying to stand out i wouldn't recommend those

    • scraw profile image

      sean crawford 

      5 years ago from los angeles

      Hello fellow hubber! This is very useful information for backpacking enthusiasts. I myself am still wondering what packs are the best, but I am more confident after reading your hub. I have linked my new hub to this one. Take care

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I've always wanted to go backpacking but have not gotten to as of yet. Useful information for when I do get the opportunity. I think I'm going to put this on a "must do" list for next year. Thanks


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