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Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Updated on June 19, 2013

Puerto Rico is Tropical Paradise. This beautiful Puerto Rico beach is actually a series of beaches stretching along the coastline for miles. There's nothing quite like sprawling out on a huge beach blanket, feeling the soft, warm sand beneath you. Tilt your head back and let the wind caress your hair, while you listen to the birds sing their song to an accompaniment of thundering surf. The beaches are, one of the main reasons for so many guests in Puerto Rico. Every beach in Puerto Rico is fabulous, So here is a list of Best Beaches in Puerto Rico for  activities

White sandy beach
White sandy beach

The Best Beach for Families - Luquillo Beach

Luquillo Beach is considered a natural and national treasure. This beach with white sandy beaches that stretch for miles is perfect for families. Food kiosks  offer everything from water to ice cold beer, restaurant meals in smaller portions and lot’s of tropical music. There is a program called “Sea Without Barriers”. In this program the staffs help the wheelchair member of the family, swim with the entire family at the same time. A truly wonderful program.

The Best Beach for Surfing - Rincon's beach

Ricon's beach is a world-class surfing beach, and a former site of the world surfing championships. The beach has  been nicknamed "Little Malibu".Rincon's beach is famous for its winter surf that lasts from November to April, making it a surfer's dream destination. This is a great area for collecting shells.

The Best Beach for Swimming - Ponce

Ponce, is Puerto Rico's second largest city. It  has one of the best beaches for swimming in the world. The tide in Ponce Beach is much calmer than the more beaches. That makes the Playa de Ponce an Best Beach for Swimming.

Green Beach, Vieques Puerto Rico
Green Beach, Vieques Puerto Rico

The Best Beaches for Scenery

Boqueron Beach filled with colorful scenery, stands at the with palm-fringed white sand curving away on both sides. You can see that there are plenty of interesting photo ops at this beach. Sun Bay, Flamenco Beach and palomonitos are beaches to see and be seen.

The Best Puerto Rico Beach for Snorkeling - Playa Esperanza

Vieques has excellent snorkeling from many of its beaches with Blue Beach and Playa Esperanza.Playa Esperanza i sin top of the list. Dip below the waves at Playa Esperanza to amaze you with its beauty and tranquil movements. The beauty of the antler coral that thrives along the ocean floor is amazing.

Special Beaches

In Puerto Rico Some beaches are known for specific things. Whales are spoted in Puntas and Domes Beaches. Rincón's Antonio's Beach and Vieques' Playa Cofí are known for their sea glass which are colorful and smooth glass rocks that are the result of debris and natural erosion.

Surfing in Rincon beach, Puerto Rico


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    • rambofen044 profile image

      Rambo Fen 4 years ago from Raipur

      I have never visited purto but heard of it and its beaches... Your list were really good.. It's really a must visit place thanx ..

    • profile image

      rachel 7 years ago

      i love purto rico.