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Top Budget Hostels for Backpackers

Updated on August 31, 2009

Staying at hostel doesn’t mean that it has to be uncomfortable. In fact, it has to be comfortable, meaning good comfy clean room, central/easy to reach location, reasonable price, excellent service and breakfast. For young people especially with the ones low budgets and interests to meet other travellers, budget hostel is a very good option.

Here is a list of some best budget hostels. They have designs and decoration, choices of room, complimentary services such as wi-fi and self-catering kitchen.

Oops!Hostel in Paris France

Offering a bed in mixed dorm from 23eur in low season to 30eur in high season. It opened since September 2007. It is the first contemporary hostel of Paris. Quite new, but it has became favorite among Paris travelers.

Hostel Marrakesch, Medina, Marrocco

Equity Point Marrakech hostel located in the middle of Medina, south west of Marrocco. Medina in Islamic world is the second most important city after Mekka.

The Equity Point of Marrakech offer elegant and unique experience. Rates starting from 15euro for 8-bed room, to 24eur for 4-bed. Of course there are suite as well up to 100eur/bed/night.

Palmers Lodge London, UK

This is London’s best budget accommodation. Located near Swiss cottage tube station. There are 300beds, and they also (among others) offer free breakfast, free internet, laundry and drying services. Price starting from 19eur to 27 eur each bed in dorm. suite up to 122 eur. Double beds are available.

Flamingo hostel in Krakow, Poland.

Right at the heart of town, just 20m away from the city Main Square (the famous largest European open square), Flamingo hostel offers 2,3,4,6,8,10 bed and prices are very reasonable from 13euro per night per person. Besides that, there are also services like quick internet, hearty breakfast, and free coffee and tea. They are famous for organizing party as well.


Schweizer Jungendherberger, Swiss

Schweizer Jungendherberger organises 57 youth hostels distributed in Swiss under following standards: simple, classic, and top. They even have Sustainable Report, can be found on their website. Room prices rate starting from 27eur/person/night.

East Seven, Berlin Germany

The best hostel in Germany is in Berlin.

Easyseven is opened since April 2005 and has got voted the best hostel from many media and magazines. Also recommended by Lonely Planet. In low season, a bed in mixed dorm starting from 13-30eur; in high season 17eur to 37 euro.

Feetuphostels Barcelona, Spain

Its atmosphere in a big old house built at the end of 20th century, located in city central, is simply perfect. In summer you can enjoy sunbathing at garden or relax in the lounge or enjoy your terrace.

Garden House Barcelona is natural and peaceful place. It offers large sunny clean bedroom, colorful self-catering kitchen and a TV-room. Price starting from 16eur.

Jumbo Hostel Stockholm, Sweden

The first Boeing 747 jumbo-jet-aircraft hostel is available to book since January 2009! It is parking in Stockholm-Airlanda Airport. It has 25 rooms with total 85 beds. It offers dorm bedroom as well cock-pit suite. Dorm rooms are available from ca. 38eur/person/night. The suite costs around 10times more. Below is a view of cockpit suite.


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