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5 Best Tourist Destinationsin Jogja that must be Visited

Updated on March 1, 2016

Special region of Yogyakarta or often called Jogja this has some destination a beautiful.Seen from his name so that special region of Yogyakarta, this province so privileged and highly valued customary traditions. Jogja is the which is led by a sultan and system his reign are still in the kingdom. In addition Jogja was also noted with so many types of destination, tourism is expected culture and history, tourism education, and tourism culinary also makes Jogja this is special and known in all over the world.

1. Prambanan Temple

One of the best tourism in Jogja this is a tourism place very known in all over the world .A temple Prambanan is also has set by UNESCO as one of the world cultural heritage .A Prambanan Temple it is a complex a collection of Hindus temple highly respected and purified by hindus .Area a temple Prambanan is located on jl .Jogja-Solo km .16 , Prambanan , Yogyakarta and place are not far off to Borobudur temple that is in Magelang , Central Java .

2. Keraton Yogyakarta

Keraton yogyakarta this is one of cultural heritage Indonesia. Besides used for a tourist , Keraton Yogyakarta are active run system his reign in keraton this led by Sri Sultan Hamengkubowono. Here you can see history and some a traditional tool java are still being used in keraton this. Keraton Yogyakarta is located on jl .Alun-alun Utara , special region of Yogyakarta .

3. Malioboro Street

Not far from Keraton Yogyakarta , you can also enjoy the beauty malioboro street. Here you can shopping and traveled because can culinary here a shopping center markets very complete and also known as Culinary tourism .The landscape is also very good at night let alone are plenty of music entertainment and other kinds of entertainment very strong with a culture of Java .The address are on jl Malioboro , Yogyakarta special region or navigate to the Alun-alun Utara and Keraton Yogyakarta .

4. Parangtritis Beach

To Parangtritis Beach are going cross further , namely it is about 28 kilometers to the south of downtown Yogyakarta .This beach famous for its beauty .With sand spread the vast then you can do the activity of all in this beach .In contrast to the beach in general , the beach Parangtritis it has architecture of sand shining black volcanic when torrential sunlight .The location of the beach parangtritis is in Kretek, Bantul district , Yogyakarta special region.

5. Taman Pintar Yogyakarta

In the education sector, there was one tourist attractions Jogja is Taman Pintar Yogyakarta .Taman Pintar is in the shape of such as laboratory but made by in a very definitely modern suitable for students .Here the students can free and by firm in knowledge through direct science experiments can be done in the park this clever .Taman Pintar is located in downtown Yogyakarta building located on jl .Senopati , no.1-3 , the city of Yogyakarta , Yogyakarta special region .

That is the fifth tourist destinations best in Jogja who certainly is totally suitable for you visit.There may be many places other tourist in special region of Yogyakarta had not been we mentioned. But five tourist destinations above is a tourism place best in jogja and tourist attractions who are very popular and frequented by tourists.



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