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Best Free Attractions in Vegas

Updated on December 3, 2012
Conservatory Fall 2009
Conservatory Fall 2009

Bellagio Fountains

Plenty to do without loosing any chips!

The Fountains at Bellagio

Only the coolest use of water since the shower was invented by the Greeks. The fountains provide a spectacular visual display, sometimes swaying the water like a palm frond, other times shooting it in the air like a bullet. These aquatic feats are timed perfectly to a variety of music.

A truly stunning display which can be viewed at all hours, but is most impressive at night.

Conservatory at Bellagio

A unique floral display that changes for the seasons.

Not just creative in its use of flowers, plants, and trees; but also in its mechanics and artistry. You'll be busy looking up and all around, but don't miss the stunning tile mosaic on the ground.

Pirate Ship
Pirate Ship

The Sirens of TI

Pirates in their ship are lured to the beautiful and mysterious Sirens. Fire blazes, cannons boom, and voices ring out. Will the Pirates survive?

This outdoor theatrical mini-performance takes place several times each evening at TI (Treasure Island).
See a preview of the show here.

Dueling Pianos at the Bar at Times Square

It is free to go into the bar and stay in the standing area (an entrance fee is charged to sit at the tables) but that's where you want to be! Talented pianists take requests from the audience and fight with each other over whose song is better. As they sing and taunt the crowd, you'll be cheering, dancing, and singing along -- even if you're no good.

M&M's World

What is it? Well, mostly it is a huge multi-story candy store with all things M&M. What makes it an attraction are the special features. You'll see collectibles such as a replica M&M race car, an M&M guitar and more. Also, a 3-D movie featuring the M&M characters that will literally jostle you in your seat.

Vegas Montage

Volcano at Mirage
Volcano at Mirage
Walking along the strip
Walking along the strip

The Volcano at Mirage

It hisses, it glows red and smokes. Lava flows over its top and out to the surrounding areas. It's big and loud and gorgeous AND its only water.

That's right. This volcano is actually a water fountain designed to look like a volcano. A must see. Starts after dusk.

Show in the Sky at Rio

Want to see a Pop style production? How about a Latin style production? Maybe some Burlesque? With three separate productions, you can see them all. During each production the audience is treated to music, singing and dancing. To close the show, a fantasy-float parade with bead-throwing.

Fremont Street Experience

A light show takes place every night over Fremont Street in downtown Vegas. The Fremont Street canopy looks plain during the day, but at night it comes alive with a bright glow and booming music. The canopy spans 1,500 feet in length and includes upwards of 12 million lights.

Adjacent to Fremont Street, 10 refurbished neon signs make up the self-guided walking tour of historic signs made available by the Neon Museum.

Just Walk the Strip

The Vegas Strip is filled with amazing feats of engineering and architecture. Make sure you find the Luxor to see its Egyptian-inspired theme, New York New York for its re-creations of the city's well-known landmarks, and Paris for its half-size replica of the Eiffel Tower.
Need a map? Check one out here

When You're Done
Check out this article on the best buffets (these of course are NOT free).

Written by Jeanette Cline


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