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Best Hull City pub crawl

Updated on September 13, 2010

Best Pubs In Hull - Going On A Pub Crawl

 When you visit Hull city in the United Kingdom, there is a little known thing called a pub crawl and the general gist of this is to start at one pub and work your way round several pubs. It's an age old traition that has transcended from a mere 2 - 3 pubs, it requires you to last throughout the night and visit as many pubs as possible and the deal is that however many of you go, each person has to buy a round of drinks before you leave, which makes for a very large alcohol consumption which health professionals wouldn't advise you do.

You only live once though and many people seem to think to hell with it! and they go on some serious pub crawls and I was one of them. I don't now of course, but even I had a recommended route, a classic pub crawl that had all the hallmarks of a well organized event. We factored in all the takeaways on the way too and left room for other things like picking up some ladies and playing a bit of pool.

So, to start, the pub crawl has to start at the newly refurbished Three Tons pub on Boothferry road, this is a classic pub for me as when we was kids we knew the owners of the pub as my mum used to work there serving drinks and we used to spend most of our time in there playing darts and stealing the odd bottle of beer.

As the years went on, the pub became a one stop destination as either part of a pub crawl or a place to just drink until we couldn't drink no more, getting served in the pub when we was 15 was the aim of the game at the time if I remember rightly and it wasn't unusual to stick our own pubic hair on our chins to get in and get worked to a degree I suppose, until the pubic hairs got in our pints of beer.

Happy days back then, the Three Tons is situated right next to the old Blue Bridge were the trains can be seen going over the tracks and we had lots of fun hanging from that bridge as kids too, although it's not the same nowadays as kids I don't think have the freedom as we did back then....things seem changed forever!

Look at the map....

Three Tons Pub Boothferry Road

Three Tons Pub

boothferry road hull:
Boothferry Rd, Hull, City of Kingston-upon-Hull, UK

get directions

Boothferry Road - The Three Tons pub opposite Kempton Road in Hull City.

Walking Off Boothferry Road Onto Anlaby Road

Anlaby road is the next destination after you have drunk in The Three Tons, you can get to it as you head to the roundabout that leads from the end of Boothferry Road away from the blue bridge. The next pub on the pub crawl is The Silver Cod which is situated at the end of Springfield Road directly opposite the Tesco extra store on the corner.

The Silver Cod is a pub that I also remember quite fondly of us under age drinkers drinking pints of cider in there and smoking our cigars, roll ups or cheap cigs outside on the pub chairs. The pub itself is quite straight forward as you walk in a sit straight down, like any pub if you go in regularly you see the same faces drinking in there and this pub is only good for one round of drinks as there's no real atmosphere really in there, it's like a dead pub for dead people...I'm sure zombies drink there too!

On the other side of the road quite nearby is a Chicken George if you feel hungry and the burger and chips is quite good, as is the chicken and chips and this takeaway place has been there for years and has always been a favorite of mine....but there are others!!

An alternative to The Silver Cod is The Malt Shovel which is next door to Chicken George, so you could pop in there if you wanted

Look at the map....

Silver Cod Pub

Anlaby Road Is A Long Road

 Still continuing our pub crawl we are walking down Anlaby Road and now we want to find a pub called The Griffin, which has a Mr Q's tagged on the end.

I can remember a few visits after going to Hull Fair and we was pissed out of our heads here trying to light our cigarettes (This was back when you could smoke in pubs!!) and we couldn't light them and so we had to ask some poeple in the pub to light our cigs for us, which was fun as they were drunk too.

Playing pool in this pub became even better when they did add the Mr Q's section at the side a good few years ago. There is another pub directly opposite, but I think it's a dead pub full of weirdos, so avoid that one.

Look at the map....

Griffin Pub Top Of St. Georges Road on Anlaby Road

What?!! Still On Anlaby Road!!?

Yes, it's a long road and the next pub you could visit is the Parkers pub on the Corner of Walton Street....Only been in this pub a couple of times, but it generally has a good atmosphere and it gets busy when Hull Fair is on, because it's directly on top of all that in October time when Hull Fair visits for a full week.

I remember the police taking our cans of beer off us outside here, but we went straight to the off license as it was only across the road for some more cans of beers to walk around Hull Fair in an effort to look hunky or something (Bet we didn't though!!)

West park is a great place to stop off and have a piss like a dog lifts it's leg up against a tree as the mens toilets usually stink of god knows what, so a breath of fresh air is needed for this bladder relieving event.

Look at the map.....

Green Brick Pub - Walton Street off Anlaby Road

Anlaby Road Flyover Bridge

Now we have to have a bit of a long walk as there are a couple of pubs along the way, but these are just crap, The Golden Eagle just depresses me and The Oberon is evil!

There are many pubs and bars in town, although I haven't been out on a night out in years, but in a couple of weeks I will be, so stay tuned for an extension of this pub crawl hubpage as we hit the town and probably parts of the old town too in Hull City.

Best Hull City Pub Crawl

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    • Granny's House profile image

      Granny's House 

      8 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

      Great and fun hub. Sounds like fun. I think I have to agree with K9. lol

    • waynet profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Tully 

      8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      I can remember following this route and by the time we got into town, we was pissed out of our heads, can't remember getting back home to be honest! lol!

    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 

      8 years ago from Northern, California

      Great use of the Google Map app! 15 years ago, this would be a wonderful weekend out for me, today it sounds like a pub crawl in the UK would take me a month to recover from! Very fun hub,...these days, I will have to pretend to be on a pub crawl while sipping a cosmo in my living room!



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