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Best Lawn Gifts for the Oklahoma Sooners Garden (..and a side of Garden Gnome history)

Updated on September 24, 2011

The true Oklahoma Sooners fan has it all; from Garden Gnomes bearing Crimson and Cream to Fluttering Flags proudly waving in the Oklahoma Sun.

These fans aren't afraid to show their Sooner Spirit. It doesn't matter if their team got a sound whippin' or if their team won 42 to 3, they're still shouting "Boomer Sooner" all the way home. They watch every game, know all the stats, and can recite the team roster without even blinking.

Many people claim to be fans, but how many would proudly declare their support with a 5-foot high inflatable Sooners football player in their front yard? Only the true fans would.

So show off your Sooner Spirit with these outdoor lawn gifts for the Oklahoma Sooners garden..

Oklahoma Sooners Garden Gnome Gifts
Oklahoma Sooners Garden Gnome Gifts

A history of the Garden Gnome

Gnome (pronounced "nome"): A) a legendary creature that resembles a tiny old man or woman who lives in the deepest bowels of the earth and guards a massive hoard of buried treasure; 2) a mythical being of a long-lost legendary race. Traditionally, this mythical being is endowed with exceptional vision and heightened human senses. Their task is to provide help to all living things. Gnomes symbolize honesty, integrity, and hard work.

The Garden gnome’s history goes back into the very beginning of time. It has always been said that man was created to rule over the surface of the earth. Gnomes, similarly, were created to rule over the inner earth. Their task was to explore the deepest, unreachable parts of the planet and to supervise and survey the earth’s great mineral wealth.

According to tradition, every gnome family was assigned the safekeeping of a vein of gold or silver, a cavern of diamonds , a lode of copper or, emeralds, rubies, precious jewels; essentially any naturally occurring source of great mineral wealth.

In order to safeguard these stores of mineral wealth, gnomes created colonies that lived together beneath the earth. These colonies were formed near the location of large mineral deposits. They were granted with the mystical power to pass through solid walls of earth and rock. For hundreds of thousands of years, they remained the undisturbed custodians of the earth’s inner chambers.

As man grew wiser, and greedier, all of this began to change. In search for wealth and riches, miners began ripping the treasure of the earth with violet disregard for peace and conservation. Unaware of the ancient beings, mankind unknowingly destroyed entire gnome colonies as the roar of explosives shook the deep caverns the gnomes called home. For the first time in history, the ancient gnomes no longer had dominion over the deepest parts of the earth.

As the miners dug deeper, it became essential for the survival of the gnome to move to shallower depths and more populated areas. They continued their subterranean way of life, but as time went on, the great mineral cache’s of old became scarce. Soon, the gnomes were displaced and out of work.

It was because of this that the histories of the Garden Gnome were born.

The gnomes have always been an industrious race. They believed that hard work and determination was good for the soul. Over time, they stopped working in the mines and began working the earth. These new gardeners set about creating a new life and risked everything to keep their kind alive. They became separated from their ancient brothers, who continued living in remote areas deep underground.

Even though they are robust workers, Garden Gnomes are extremely shy. They tend to live their lives in harmony and only seek peace. Because of this, and as a way to protect themselves, they developed the skill of standing absolutely still if a human comes into view.

Today, Garden Gnomes are known throughout the world as being the World’s best gardeners. Next time you find yourself in a luxuriously beautiful garden, be very quiet; you may find yourself face-to-face with a legendary creature of old.

Lawn Gifts for the Oklahoma Sooners Fan
Lawn Gifts for the Oklahoma Sooners Fan
More Extravagant Lawn Gifts for the Oklahoma Sooners Fan
More Extravagant Lawn Gifts for the Oklahoma Sooners Fan

More Extravagant Lawn Gifts for the Oklahoma Sooners Fan


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