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Best New York Hotels for Families

Updated on November 11, 2010

New York is famous for being a city with lots to do. While some nightlife clearly caters to adults, New York City can be a great vacation destination for families too. Because New York is such a large city and has such a mixture of different lifestyles and interests, choosing a hotel that will cater to your family’s needs is essential. You will want a hotel that is close to family-friendly activities, that is in a safe and easily accessible location, and that offers amenities suited to traveling families. 

Before choosing your accommodations, consider that standard hotel rooms in New York are usually smaller than the standard hotel room in other parts of the country, so you will want to pay close attention to the amount of space offered. Here are the top New York hotels for families.

70 Park Avenue Hotel

This is a Kimpton Hotel, and offers all the hospitality and welcoming atmosphere that the chain is known for. The hotel offers a “Kids Rule” program which includes special events for kids. For families with gaming children, this is a great choice because every room has Nintendo, large televisions, and high quality audio systems.

Affinia Manhattan

This hotel is close to the Madison Square Garden and so offers your family easy access to the many special events that take place there each year. The Affinia Manhattan offers suites that are much larger than other New York hotels at a reasonable price to fit your budget. This hotel is especially appropriate for larger families.

Belvedere Hotel

This hotel makes your meals easy with in-room kitchenettes that allow you to cook quick meals on the go. The Belvedere is located in Midtown, making it a great choice in terms of location. Also, the rooms have Nintendo and great internet access for your family to enjoy.

Best Western Hospitality House

This hotel is large, giving your family plenty of room. It is also famous for its amazingly comfortable accommodations and great rates. If you and your family are looking for a truly relaxing experience, look no further than this one!

Country Inn & Suites

If you are looking for somewhere that will offer you spectacular views, the Country Inn & Suites can’t be beat. Rooms offer wonderful views of the city and elegantly decorated suites. There are plenty of activities that are just a short subway ride away, making the location convenient for your New York adventure.

Image Credit: wwarby, Flickr


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