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Best Places To Eat Street Food In Bangkok

Updated on December 29, 2016

You can buy great street food all over Thailand, so it’s obvious that Bangkok is going to be a top place to enjoy some real, authentic tasty Thai food. Whether it’s from a pop-up vendor that moves from place to place or one of the more permanent places that serve tasty Thai dishes at tables on the pavement, you can always find something that will tickle your taste buds.

Finding Great Street Food In Bangkok

As there are so many street vendors around, it’s sometimes hard to spot which ones are good, which ones cater for mainly tourists – thus the quality of food may not be up to ‘Thai standards’, or those that pride themselves in what they do, and build a reputation by serving quality food.

I’ve visited Bangkok several times, and I always like to try something new, or eat at a place I’ve not been before. Sometimes though, I’ve found the food to be a lot nicer at one place, compared to eating the same dish at another.

I’ve put down a few suggestions on where to visit, and where you can enjoy some of the best dishes in Bangkok, if not Thailand.

Bangkok Street Food Craving

One of my favourite places to go to in Bangkok when I’m craving a bit of street food is Sukhumvit Soi 38. I was told about this place from a fellow traveller that told me to check out the market there. All I can say is wow! I have tried lots of different street food all around Thailand and this place has to be one of the best.

All of your favourite Thai dishes are on offer here, ranging from Pad Thai, Barbeque skewers, all the different ways of cooking chicken you can imagine, as well as noodles, soups, every type of curry, steaks and pork. Best of all, the dishes come with genuine Thai prices (not tourist prices) – as a lot of Thai people, as well as expats enjoy eating here. It’s definitely a place to visit, and one I will go back to next time I’m in the capital.

As you travel around Thailand you will constantly notice signs outside restaurants, or in windows saying ‘Bangkok’s best Pad Thai’ or ‘Chiang Mai’s best Som Tam’. You’ll see the same bullshit thing everywhere you go. My advice – avoid them. It’s usually to try and get tourists in, and on top of that, how can 5 places all near enough next to each other have ‘the best Pad Thai’? In actual fact these places sell some of the worst food because they cater purely for tourists, who are usually easier to please.

Local Thai Recommendations

No, what you want is personal recommendations, from real people – especially Thai people! – Which is who recommended me to check out Thip Samai, a small street restaurant located on Thanon Mahachai and is well known for its tasty authentic Pad Thai. You can pick up a Pad Thai on every street corner in Thailand, so it’s really hard to tell which ones are amazing and which ones are pretty standard, but I do know that this place serves one hell of a Pad Thai.

Another favourite place of mine to visit when I’m in need of something cheap, tasty and fast is Chinatown (Yaowarat). You’re probably thinking ‘huh, you can get Chinese food back home’, and you’d be right, you can – but, if you want some real authentic Chinese food, cooked fresh, right there in front of you, then this is the place to come. Don’t let the name fool you though, Chinese food is not all you will find here, there are also many restaurants and street vendors selling all of your favourite Thai dishes too, just in case you’re struggling to find something to eat – yeah right.

Khao San Road, Not Great, But Has A Lot

There is of course Khao San Road where you will find everything from worms to steak – perfect if you’ve just enjoyed a night session on the street, and want something full of grease that’s gonna fill you up before you stumble back to your hostel! The vendors are usually more expensive, but of course you don’t mind paying after a few buckets of rum and coke – they will also taste like the best thing ever too, but I’d recommend checking out some of the others on the list instead when you’re sober.


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    • Sam Shepards profile image

      Sam Shepards 16 months ago from Europe

      Thank you for the nice comment. I see you also write about travel and places so will check you out!

    • Coolmon2009 profile image

      Coolmon2009 16 months ago from Texas, USA

      I enjoyed reading your article: makes me want to visit Asia again