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Top Five Places to Gamble In Southern Nevada

Updated on May 29, 2012

A Top Five List For Gambling Spots

This hub is something I've been wanting to do for a good while now. It's going to be part one in a three part series. I understand everyone has there own opinion on places to go for fun so this list is not to be taken as me saying these are the proven best places to go for some gambling fun. This is all based on my opinion and experience since moving to Las Vegas, Nevada two years ago.

Most of the casinos mentioned will belong to the same company but each do have differences between the other. So sit back and enjoy the trip into adult world in the first part of my series, the best places to gamble in southern Nevada.

5. Colorado Belle - Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin is a small city about 2 hours outside of Vegas. It sits on the border of Nevada and Arizona and is mainly a little strip of about 7 casinos and hotels. The only thing that seperates Laughlin, NV from Bullhead City, AZ is the Colorado River which makes Laughlin that much more relaxing.

My favorite casino on the Laughlin Strip is the Colorado Belle. When you first drive up to this hotel and casino you see a huge steamboat. That steam boat happens to be the casino. It's not a real boat by any means it's just the theme of the hotel and casino. This casino has some great slot machines, cheap table games and a very comfortable keno lounge. In my experience the Colorado Belle has exetremely friendly staff members that are willing to help you out with whatever your need may be.

The staff is part of the reason that this place scores the number five spot on the list but it's also because of the gambling that it offers. Colorado Belle is a place where you can find both new and old slot machines. It's also one of the biggest Keno Lounges I've came across in Nevada. Another reason is because of the table games, it's not surprise that it's sort of difficult to find cheap blackjack in Las Vegas but at the Colorado Belle it's pretty easy to find.

Now why is it in the number five spot? It's simple really, the Colorado Belle's casino isn't really that big. It offers quite a bit but at the same time not that much compared to other casinos you can go to. However I would definitely rate the Colorado Belle a 4 out of 5 stars.

4. Red Rock Casino and Resort - Las Vegas, NV

Red Rock was the first Station Casino I was introduced to out here in Vegas when I first moved and I instantly fell in love with it. It's one of the newest Station Casinos and offers a wonderful gambling environment. Red Rock is one of the biggest casinos I've been in out here in Vegas and it has miles of crystal hanging from the ceiling.

Red Rock also offers numerous new slot machines however it's somewhat difficult to find the older ones due to its size. Another plus is I've never really had an issue with any of the staff members here, in fact the attitude they present is a lot like the ones you'd find in Laughlin, NV. Red Rock also offers blackjack at 5 dollars a hand and the cool thing about this is they have ITables.

What's an ITable you ask? Well it's simple, it's like your regular blackjack table that got hit with technology. You give your money to the dealer, yes it has a dealer, and the money is then transferred to the digital screen in front of your seat. No dealing with chips. You still get dealt hands but even though the cards are in front of you it also pops up on your digital screen and tells you there your total value. Now I thought this was cool purely because I don't know about other people but when I play normal Blackjack I tend to sit there and count it out on my hands. Red Rock is the only casino I have found that actually has this system.

So why is this number four? Red Rock is one of those casinos that even though it has 5 dollar table games and penny slots it's a place you are still going to want about 100 to 200 dollars for a fun gambling trip due to the fact that it's so huge you'll want to try hitting as much as possible. So it's size is not only a good thing but also a bad thing. I give Red Rock a 4.25 out of 5 stars.

3. Luxor and Excalibur

Now this one might come as a surprise considering I am a Las Vegas local and the first thing I learned out here is to avoid the strip at all costs but I can't help it when it comes to the Luxor and Excalibur. These two casinos are pretty much the only ones on the strip that I actually enjoy gambling at. The reason they are both in the number 3 spot instead of separate is because they are connected by a walkway so I decided to bunch them into one.

The Luxor and Excalibur always have the newest gaming slots but also has a good mix of the older ones. This is one casino I don't suggest table games at though unless you have the money for it. However, the thing both of these casinos have is a pretty relaxing, yet exciting atmosphere. Almost every slot you find here will also be a penny slot which is also a pretty nice thing. The way the casinos are decorated and laid out also help you feel more relaxed then say the overly ritzy looking places on the strip.

The two casinos are easily accessed via the 15 freeway without worrying about hitting a lot of traffic on the strip however the Luxor and Excalibur have pretty dinky parking garages so parking may be a little difficult to find. Overall I would rate these two casinos a 4.25 out of 5 stars.

2. Santa Fe Station

Santa Fe Station also offers a wide range of gaming for you to enjoy. There's the slots of course and then there's the table games and the poker room. Most poker games you can buy in on for as little as 40 dollars. This also has one of the best bingo rooms I've been in too, if you like bingo that is.

However the real reason Santa Fe is number two is because they have an abundant amount of video Keno machines. Mainly I play Cleopatra Keno and it's somewhat difficult to find it for only a penny a go, however Santa Fe is littered with Game Kings that have my kind of Keno for as little as 1 cent.

Santa Fe Station isn't my favorite casino in Vegas but out of 5 I have to give this place 4.5 stars. It has the relaxing atmosphere, the great gaming machines, the poker lounge and the cheap table games. Not to mention this is one casino that I rarely walk out of without doubling up my money or at least being able to play a good few hours on as little as 20 dollars.

1. Texas Station

Texas Station is by far my number one casino to play at. At first it was just because it was down the street from my house. However this is the one place that has paid out the most. There is an extremely wide variety of slots, new and old alike. My favorite ones are the Reels O Dublin, Golden Chariots and Mystic Fortunes ones. All penny slots. Of course they have machines that aren't penny slots but for the most part those are the best ones to play.

Anyhow Texas Station is by far the best Station Casino. It's the only one I know of that I can actually take 5 dollars and be able to keep playing for about 3 hours on just that five. Texas Station gets a 4.75 out of 5 stars because no place is perfect. If you go in the first part of the AM hours its quite hard to come across a cocktail waitress so bring your own drink for a gambling trip if you leave early.

Onto The Next

And this ends part one of my three part series. Next up will be the top five buffets to eat at in Southern Nevada so keep on the lookout for it and I hope you enjoyed the top five gambling spots. Anyone can comment below with maybe their favorite places to gamble or just what you thought of this hub.


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    • Courtney_CollinsD profile image

      Courtney 3 years ago from Las Vegas

      Slots-o-fun is still there just not as good as it use to be.

    • bensen32 profile image

      Thomas Bensen 3 years ago from Round Lake Park

      I always liked slots-o-fun on the strip, it was next to Circus Circus but I think it has been taken down. it's been quite a few years since I have been to Vegas. Slots-O-Fun was a small hole in the wall but they paid out lots of money to me.