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Best Road Trip Games to Play Part 2

Updated on February 27, 2010

Pink Car/Beetle Bug Game
Difficulty Level: Very easy
What's Cool: This game packs a punch

This classic "no brainer" road trip game requires only that you be the first one to sight a certain vehicle, such as a pink car. You then shout out "pink car!" (or "beetle bug" or "snorblet", whatever word you decide) before anyone else does, and you will get a point. One point is awarded for each letter in the chosen word ("pink car" = 7 points). Popular car choices include the VW Bug (yes, even the new and profoundly silly New Beetle), a car with one headlight out (when playing at night), and the famous pink car. Siblings have been known to put an unusual twist on this game. The first car game winner gains the right to punch a sibling of his or her choice once in the arm. This version is rumored to inspire more enthusiasm all around.

Necessities: Eagle eyes and good dodging skills

The Scavenger A to Z Game
Difficulty Level: Very easy
What's Cool: Great to play with kids learning to spell

Ready, set, GO! Start looking outside the car (looking inside is considered cheating) for any sign, license plate, display, passing car or truck to find the letter "A." Everyone starts at once. Once someone spots the letter "A," they shout out "A," plus the word or place they see it. For example, "A as in the word "Mac" on that truck!" That person can then quickly move on to "B" and the rest on the alphabet in sequence. Others will be stuck on "A," and can not move forward, until sighting the letter and shouting it out! The object is to be the first person to get to the letter "Z." Older players can spice it up a bit by going backwards, but if you accidentally say a letter out of order you must start back at "Z." Pretty tricky, huh?

Necessities: Working knowledge of the alphabet

20 Questions
Difficulty Level: You decide, depending on which famous person you pick

20 Questions is a very popular party game that adapts well to the car. Simply think of a famous person. Got someone in mind? Now the other people in the car may start asking you "yes" or "no" questions, trying to figure out the identity of that famous person. The game begins with one person asking a question (e.g. "Is it a man?"). If the answer is "yes," that same person gets to ask another question, and so the game goes on until that person gets a "no" answer. When the answer is "no," then one point is leveled against all of the guessing players and the next player has a turn to ask a question. You win if the players rack up 20 points before they have enough information to guess correctly. The group wins if they guess correctly at any time before reaching 20 points.

Necessities: A detective's mind

Name That Tune
Difficulty Level: Medium to hard
What's Cool: Prevents stereo hogging

Tired of that same Britney Spears CD that started playing 60 miles ago? For a break, suggest a game of "Name that Tune." Turn on the radio and hit the scan button, or just turn the dial to the next station that comes in. The first person to shout out the name of the song playing gets one point. Shouting out the name of the artist singing wins another point. One player can get just one, or both, of the points. Sometimes two different players will each win one point. If no one can guess the tune correctly, or at least bluff others into thinking he does, then you move on to the next station down the dial. The winner is the first person to rack up 20 points. The prize is getting to choose the music for the next 60 miles.

Necessities: Knowledge of popular music and a car radio

Have fun!

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