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Best San Diego Beaches

Updated on March 5, 2016

If you are planning a vacation to San Diego this year you will definitely need to find yourself on the beautiful beaches. San Diego has been name “Americas Finest City” due to its impossibly perfect year round weather, world famous attractions and of course the 70 miles of spectacular beaches. The beaches in San Diego are all different but all offer picturesque landscapes and stunning beauty that will fully emerse you in your dream vacation.

With 70 miles of coastline you will have plenty of beaches to choose from, however I want to highlight some of must see spots.


Hotel Del Coronado
Hotel Del Coronado | Source

Coronado is a small island just off the coast connected by the infamous Coronado bridge. One of the few bridges in San Diego The Coronado bridge will lead you into a small beach community that makes you feel like you left the big city behind. The center piece of Coronado is the Hotel Del Coronado. A large hotel which offers a stunning backdrop for this quant town. In front of the hotel you will find the softest whitest sand in all of San Diego. This beach is a favorite for weddings due to the stunning sites of the pristine ocean in front and the Hotel Del behind. Once you leave the hotel the main road out of Coronado is lined with unique shops and resturants that only serve as a reminder that you are in fact in paradise.

Mission Beach and Belmont Park

Mission Beach is a the ideal spot for people watching, and activities seekers alike. Large grassy areas, massive soft sandy beaches and a 2 mile boardwalk makes Mission beach the perfect location for any activity you enjoy. Cool off in the ocean after a game of beach volleyball or enjoy brunch at one of the many cafes and restaurants you pass as you stroll down the boardwalk. Bike rentals are available all over Mission Beach and offer a great way to cruise the boardwalk and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze.

Mission Beach boardwalk on a perfect San Diego day!
Mission Beach boardwalk on a perfect San Diego day! | Source

If you are looking for a little more excitement visit Belmont Park. Home to several carnival type rides and an amazing roller coaster will get your adrenaline flowing. This is a great location to entertain the kids while you take a break from the sandy shores. Stop by the Wave House for a drink and food and watch riders surf the artificial waves on their massive patio.

Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach is my top pick for the adult crowd. This hotspot offers bars and restaurants of all types. If you are looking for a night out wander dow the streets and you will find the perfect joint to fulfill your ideal night out. Pacific Beach is not limited to nightlife my favorite times are during the day. Most of the bars offer patio seating right on the main drag where you can enjoy the sun the fresh ocean air and a refreshing drink or light lunch.
Surfers rejoyce - this is also a top pick for the local surfers due to its easy of access, limited ocean bound crowds and over wave quality. Plus after a day of surfing you have some of the best ways in the city right in the area.

Tourmaline surf park in Pacific Beach California
Tourmaline surf park in Pacific Beach California | Source

La Jolla Shores and Children Pool

My pick for best family outing goes to La Jolla which offers two unique beaches. La Jolla shores is located directly next to Kellogg Park which offers a massive grassy area for parties, picnics and sports of all kinds. Perfect for large groups of families who want the option to enjoy the sand but also want to picnic without the taste of sand.

Family's with small child often flock to La Jolla cove which offers a semi recesses beach that protects the beach from the majority of the waves due to rock outcroppjngs. These calmer waters are perfected for weaker swimmers and small children alike. La Jolla cove is also popular among the sea lions. The local sea lions have claimed the rock outcroppings as their own and can be found in the waters and napping on the rocks.

Children's pool in La Jolla CA is a wonderfully calm beach to bring the kids to play.
Children's pool in La Jolla CA is a wonderfully calm beach to bring the kids to play. | Source

Coastal Drive

These are just a small sampling of the marvelous beaches San Diego has to offer. However, there is one more beach attraction that I must include in this list. The Scenic Beach drive is a must for all visitors to San Diego. This 59 mile drive up the coast starting from Downtown San Diego offers you some of the best beaches, vistas and sightlines you can imagine. This drive really illustrates why San Diego was name Americas finest city.

Take this scenic drive during the day and stop at any of the spot that strike your fancy. Miles of open shoreline are available for you to explore and enjoy. Grab lunch and enjoy it atop of a cliff overlooking the vast blue oceans. May favorite time for this scenic trip is early evening so you can enjoy watching the sky change as sunset approaches. Finding a perfect spot to stop and watch for the green flash as the sun finally dips below the horizon.

Beautiful San Diego Sunset
Beautiful San Diego Sunset | Source


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