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Best Scuba Diving Locations

Updated on October 22, 2011

Scuba diving has come a long way since the time it was used by the United States as a warfare tactic. Nowadays, scuba is a sport, recreation and even people consider it as a great touring activity.

It’s a million dollar industry all over the world. Best scuba places possess these qualities: water is pollution free and crystal clear, basic comfort conditions are available and face to face encounter with beautiful, mesmerizing, amazing water species and beautiful water plants.

Scuba diving is one of the best experiences in the world. Although 70% of the world consists of water but still it’s a really tough challenge for the serious diver to find a good scuba place. In this article you will find few of the famous, most beautiful and breathtaking heaven like scuba places. 

Scuba Diving in Bahamas.
Scuba Diving in Bahamas.

The Blue Holes

The Blue Hole are one of the most finest and famous dive sites in the whole world. You can dive in crystal clear water and encounter different kind of water species along with different kinds of hammer heads, reef sharks, and bull sharks.

There are many Blue holes situated all around the world, some of the most famous are the, Dean’s Blue Hole in Bahamas, The Great Blue Hole in Belize, Blue Hole in Egypt (Red Sea).

  • Dean's Blue Hole in Bahamas

    Its is the deepest sink hole or more commonly, blue hole, on Earth. Having a depth of 202 meters, it is a paradise for scuba divers and deep sea, free divers. Other than the Dean's Blue Hole there are 25 other different beautiful scuba diving places, where you can explore the underwater world with its marine life.

The Great Blue Hole in Belize.
The Great Blue Hole in Belize.
Blue Hole in Red Sea.
Blue Hole in Red Sea.
  • Scuba Dive Belize ( The Great Blue Hole)

    Scuba Drive Belize is one of the worlds best preserved marine ecosystem. It is very famous because of the excessive tourism in Belize. It is one of the most natural diving spot for scuba divers. 

    The visibility is rather poor as compared to other scuba diving places but the variety of marine life that it offers is stunning and unbelievable. This place surely is a delight for any scuba diving lover.

  • The Red Sea and its Blue Hole

    The stand out feature of Red Sea is its uniqueness of sea life. It offers different Scuba experiences due to varieties of ecosystems existing here.

    The best reasons to come here for scuba divers is to explore its rich heritage, history and culture and as its is the one of the most eager places for scuba divers so it provides drivers a great scuba diving experience.

Scuba Diving at Cozumel.
Scuba Diving at Cozumel.

Scuba Dive Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel Island is surrounded by crystal clear water and beautiful reefs. It is one of the best destinations for scuba diving.

On a good day the visibility is pretty good and gentle currents which run parallel to reefs are the one of the greatest pleasures of the divers who come here.

It is a very friendly place for tourists and the night life here is quite alive. You will hardly ever experience a moment of boredom here. There are lots of dive shops to choose from.

Scuba Diving in Florida.
Scuba Diving in Florida.

Scuba Dive Florida, USA

It is one of the best Scuba diving places in North America. There are many dive shops available here. There are giant turtles, sharks, whales, beautiful and adorable dolphins, colorful tropical fishes, star fishes, rays etc.

The comfort and affordable prices here are often the factor because of which people living in United States choose Florida for their diving experience.

The Gulf coast has a clear water and better visibility. However, the Atlantic coast has gorgeous warm water and a great variety of tropical fishes. 

Wonderful marine life at the Scuba Diving site in Costa Rica.
Wonderful marine life at the Scuba Diving site in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the recent additions to the Scuba diviing destinations, but in a very short time its popularity has grown beyond what words can describe.

The tourism has broad-spectrum in Costa Rica and hence its reputation as a great place for Scuba diving is growing rapidly.

Government is also playing a great role in providing facilities for tourists and enhancing the reputation of scuba diving here. From sharks to whales and to angel fishes, floral fishes, different species of marine life, turtles, beautiful marine plants; Costa Rica has it all.

Scuba Diving at Koh Tao Island.
Scuba Diving at Koh Tao Island.

Scuba Dive Koh Tao Island, Thailand

Koh Tao is a beautiful island resort which is famous for its tourism but one of the main attractions for tourists here is scuba diving.

It is surrounded by colorful reefs. The tourists often have a chance to encounter with different kinds of sharks such as white sharks and reef sharks etc.


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    • thailandsmiles profile image


      8 years ago from Topeka, Kansas

      The island of Koh Tao is one of the most beautiful diving site in Asia. You are right to include the place in your article Hassam. The underwater world have great wonders, your post is great!

    • Echopollo profile image


      8 years ago from Makati, Philippines

      nice one

    • hassam profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Pakistan

      Well there is a diving spot in my city's beach. I haven't visited these places, but the topic is what interested me! :)

    • tnrobinson profile image


      8 years ago from Illinois

      Have you actually been diving in any of these spots or just have an interest in the topic? Just curious if you have a favorite spot.

    • nickflynn profile image


      8 years ago from Ronda, Andalucia, Spain

      Hi mate...good hub, but you missed Poor Knights Island in the north of New Zealand's North Island (Kelp and bolders) rated in Jacques Cousteau's top 10 and of course Malapascual in north of Cebu (Philippines) where you can see Thresher Sharks. How about Galapagos (truly amazing experience) and Sipadan off Borneo!

    • cheapskatemate profile image


      9 years ago from London

      I went to Belize and did some diving there. But all the showers in the hostels smelled like KFC. Am I going mad?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      The best place I did some diving was in the Seychelles Islands. You should check it out.

    • hassam profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Pakistan

      Thank you! :)

    • SEO Expert Kerala profile image

      SEO Expert Kerala 

      9 years ago from KERALA

      hassam, Your hubs are always worth reading because I always feel as if I have gained some knowledge from them.


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