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Best Scuba Diving Locations in Sharm-El-Sheikh Egypt

Updated on October 5, 2010

Dive Sites in Egypt's Red Sea

The Red Sea offers some of the most amazing scuba diving in the world. The popular resorts of Sharm El Sheikh are a great base to do scuba diving for divers of all abilities, including beginner divers looking to do a PADI Open Water Course. Egypt is cheap to dive in and has many reputable diving schools to learn from, such as Camel and Red Sea Diving College.

Most of the diving in Egypt starts in Sharm El Shiekh due to its large tourist population, and its closeness to areas of natural beauty such as Ras Muhammad National Park as well as incredible diving locations such as the Thistlegorm. Diving in Egypt is also relatively cheap so whether you are eager to learn or just looking to have fun diving, there is something for everyone out to dive from Sharm El Shiekh. Plus Egypt's stunning all around weather means the water is almost like a bath in summer reaching highs of 27 degrees, 80 Fahrenheit. Visibility is crystal clear, and expect to see a wide range of colourful coral reefs, marine life and if you are lucky even Sea Turtles.

For scuba diving trips anywhere in Sharm El Sheikh you need to bring your passport with an Egyptian visa, as you are leaving the "tourist zone". Some dive sites also require a small extra payment due to being protected areas. Your Dive centre will tell you about this.

Divers jumping in at Ras Muhammad near Sharm El Shiekh

There is a wide range of colourful fish and coral around Sharm El Sheikh, when diving or snorkeling
There is a wide range of colourful fish and coral around Sharm El Sheikh, when diving or snorkeling

Ras Muhammad - Diving

Ras Muhammad offers arguably the most stunning natural scenery in the Sinai Peninsula, both above and below the Red Sea. There are three main areas, which take on average an hour to get to by boat from Sharm El Sheikh. The most famous area is Shark Reef which is the tip of a sea mount rising just off the coast. It features an incredible drop off from the sea wall, which is home to an incredibly diverse marine life area. Because of this there are a lot of dive boats that go to the areas, however it is big enough to feel alone and to enjoy the sea life. This is one of the main areas you should visit if you have only a few days to dive.

Image from Wikipedia
Image from Wikipedia | Source

The Thistlegorm Wreck Dive

The Thistlegorm wreck dive is one of the best wreck dives you can do in the world. It is relatively easy to get to, and is in an eerie intact shape. It is a sunken ship from WW2 which lays in the Strait of Gubal near Ras Muhammad. Due to it being 30m deep, it can still be appreciated by beginner divers, however to experience it fully you need an Advanced diving PADI licence. The inside of the wreck is like a time capsule, with motorbikes, armoured vehicles, tyres, munitions and more. Around the site fish have become residents of the Thistlegorm with large amounts of snapper, grouper and other fishes all enjoying the stunningly formed coral on the wreck itself. The Thistlegorm is a truly spectacular wreck dive to experience in Egypt.

Jackson Reef

When going on your boat towards Jackson Reef for a day of scuba diving, you will see the impressive but scary warning of the Reef's power with the large wreck of the Lara. A ship that struck Jackson reef in the 1980s and has been there ever since.

Despite being relatively far from Sharm El Sheikh by boat the area does get busy with lots of boats later in the day, so your best bet is to catch an early trip out. Once there you can do drift dives along the reef itself, as well as see some fantastic views along the drop off. If you do get to Jackson Reef early, your dive may be rewarded by a visit by Hammerhead Sharks. But even if you do not get their till the afternoon you will still see a large variety of life, both plant and marine along the reef wall with its hard and soft corals. The whole location can offer you many exciting dives which you can enjoy over a full day of diving.

Wreck on Jackson Reef
Wreck on Jackson Reef


This is only a taster of some of the amazing dive spots Sharm El Sheikh has to offer. As you can see here there are some stunning areas to dive within about an hour boat trip from Sharm El Sheikh itself. Visibility is almost exclusively superb, so you will always get to see what you came for whilst the temperature means you will enjoy your time both in and out of the sea. The dive locations are also suitable for beginners to experts and is a great place to learn. The Red Sea really offers something for every class of diver at a very reasonable price for scenery this good. To top it off Egypt can be flown into from Europe for less than £300 meaning a cheap exciting diving holiday for all!


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