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Best Spring Break Vacation Getaways and Great Spring Break Destinations - Visit The Coast

Updated on October 8, 2017

Where Are The Best Spring Break Vacation Getaways

Have you ever wondered where the best Spring Break vacation Getaways and Spring Break destinations are according to other travelers? Have you ever asked a friend or relative where to go on vacation? Well, with a little research and by talking to friends and relatives, you may just find some awesome places to visit.

after visiting a few places along the East Coast, here are a few not to miss.

Carribean Vacation - Enya

My Top 10 Spring Break Destinations- The Best Vacation Getaways in Springtime

When I think of a vacation, I always think of the beach. The destination has to be where there is water and sun. I've researched my top 10 Spring Break Destinations. Some of these places I have visitied and some I would like to visit. The following are what I would consider my Top 10 Spring Break Destinations and best vacation getaways in springtime:

1. Disney World, Orlando Florida - been there

2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - been there

3. Cancun, Mexico - have not visited there

4. Miami, Florida - have not visited there

5. Puerta Vallarta, Mexico - have not visited there

6. Bahamas, Caribbean - have not visited there

7. Washington DC - have been there

8. South Padre Island, TX - have not been there

9. Daytona Beach, Florida - have been there

10. New York City - have been there

As you can see most of my choices will be warm places during the month of April and all are near water. Even though Washington DC and New York City not beach vacations, I have been to both and would rate those in my top ten Spring Break Destinations.

Tourists and Vacationers

No matter if you are vacationing with family, friends or both, you will not be dissappointed when choosing one of these destinations. The sun and sand will be great, the tourist attractions will be great and the rest and relaxation that is so well deserved will be great too.

So pack your bags and make a list of your top ten things to do at your best spring break destination choice.

Best Vacation Getaways

Florida vacation getaway
Florida vacation getaway
Wind Surfing in Florida
Wind Surfing in Florida
Carribean Vacation getaway
Carribean Vacation getaway


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    • katiem2 profile image

      katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

      This is the perfect time to plan for spring break. I'm taking my two daughters and plan on making it good this year. Thanks for the tips on the hot spots for spring break destinations. :) Katie