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Best Summer Destination in the Philippines

Updated on July 19, 2017

The tropic sun is inviting everybody to take a dip in the cool waters. For the adventurous types, going to undiscovered places and trying crazy (in a good way) adventures is definitely one of their bucket list. With the advent of the many types of transportation, it seems that there is no place on earth that an earthling cannot go.

The Philippines has plenty to offer when it comes to where to cool down to enjoy summer. Each place had its distinct beauty and offers varied experiences. Boracay, the common summer destination for those who would want to experience an unforgettable summer having parties from sun up to sun down. The island also gives a wonderful experience to those who have an active lifestyle by trying para sailing, riding the banana boat, scuba diving, and many others. If you are volleyball enthusiasts, Boracay is the best place for you for Nestea Volleyball is held every summer. The picturesque view of Boracay will give a sense of nirvana to those who want to enjoy the moment and take a break the monotony of your life. Boracay is also known for the fire dancers will not showcase their talent, but give a spice to your travel to the island because of their breathtaking skills in handling the fire, dancing together with the winds unburned. Having a place to stay is just a tip of your fingertip for there are numerable hotels you can choose. Just be sure to book ahead of time or be aware of the peak seasons.

firedancers in Boracay
firedancers in Boracay | Source


One will never regret for having their vacation in Cebu. Having a metro and rural vibe, Cebu is the best place to be when you want to get away from the fast city-life, but still would want to get back to it due to the demands of being a city person.

The twist of the Philippine history begun when Spaniards came to the islands to introduce Christianity, which transpired also in Cebu that proved to its colorful and rich history of its people, culture and tradition.

Speaking of Tradition, the most visited celebration on the island is the Sinulog Festival. The core of the celebration will begin in the Basilica de Santo Nino; one of the famous landmarks and a historical site of the island of Cebu. Cebu has museums, old churches and structures to visit which will take the visitors a peek of its history.

Clubs, hotels, beach resorts, restaurants, malls, are also everywhere in the city. Exploring the city, northern and southern part of Cebu is convenient due to the availability of the mass transportation like buses, taxis, jeepneys or you may even rent a vehicle.

Just a tip: One should taste the lechon or the roasted pig before leaving the island except when your religion does not permit you or when you’re a vegan.

Bantayan Island, Cebu
Bantayan Island, Cebu | Source


Bohol is a neighboring island of Cebu which is famous because of Chocolate Hills and tarsier. Though Bohol is not as progressive as Cebu City, the island will never fail the travelers to amaze them with its beauty. From nature trips and adventures, romantic lunch in Loboc River, visiting historical sites such as the old Baclayon church, Punta Cruz watchtower, and Ermita Church to a nerdy trip in Butterflies Conservation Center in Bilar Bohol and to the Tarsier Sanctuary.

The famous Chocolate Hills in lush green
The famous Chocolate Hills in lush green | Source
an underwater shot of the Coral Reefs in Alona Beach located in Bohol
an underwater shot of the Coral Reefs in Alona Beach located in Bohol | Source


Palawan is a must-see place for its renowned beauty as it is where the Underground River is located. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park made it to the new7wonders on 2012. The Tubataha Reef Marine Park, a Unesco Heritage Site is the best destination for the diving enthusiasts for its copious marine life. As expected, Palawan is abundant with spectacular beaches with rich marine life like the famous Coron, Manamoc, Corong Corong Beach.

Palawan Underground River, a UNESCO Heritage Site
Palawan Underground River, a UNESCO Heritage Site | Source
The Enchanting Coron Island
The Enchanting Coron Island | Source


The last on the list is Batanes Island, the home of the Ivatans. Batanes’ has jaw-dropping scenery which gives a rejuvenating feeling to the travelers. The stunning Vayang Rollings, Ruins of Songsong, San Carlos Borromeo Church are just a few places that a traveler should not miss to check out. Batanes is perfect for those who want to stay in a place that is close to both the sea and the sky.

A watchtower in Batanes Island
A watchtower in Batanes Island | Source
This is the Savidug Village in Batanes
This is the Savidug Village in Batanes | Source

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In a nutshell, travelling on the island is quite affordable. Always check as well for promos and tour packages. It is better to book ahead of time. The best travel experience is tantamount to a well-planned trip/travel.


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    • borge_009 profile image

      borge_009 11 months ago from Philippines

      Yes, indeed! If you're up to scuba diving, canyoneering, and etc, Cebu is the best place for you. There are still places in Cebu that wasn't mentioned in the blog. Do consider visiting Malapascua Island and Pescador Island if you're into scuba diving. While Badian is the place to go if you want to do Canyoneering.

    • profile image

      Dave 11 months ago

      wow, Cebu is such a nice place