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Best Things to Do in Asilah, Morocco

Updated on March 9, 2018

Asilah is a small town in the north of Morocco and on the Atlantic coast. It was settled by the Amazigh, Phoenicians, and Carthaginians, before being occupied by the Romans under the name of Zillis. In recent centuries it was occupied by the Spanish and Portuguese. Asilah has a small old medina surrounded by ramparts and gates that protect the town from the roughness of the Atlantic Ocean.

Asilah is a perfect destination to spend a couple of days, especially for people who need a break from the busy cities.

Here are some of the best things to enjoy in Asilah:

Old Medina

The medina walls are colorful with lots of street art. Every year during summer the Ministry of Culture organizes an arts and cultural festival where artists are invited to paint the walls around the medina. Themes are diverse, showing everything from local life and traditions to abstract pieces that make you think. You can also see how people live because the medina is mainly filled with private homes.


As well as chilling out on Asilah Beach, the main beach in town, you can enjoy riding a horse or walking on the promenade. However, many travelers like discovering other surrounding beautiful beaches as well.

Cafes and Restaurants

Enjoy sitting in one of the terraces of the medina restaurants and tasting a cup of mint tea or freshly squeezed orange juice. Eat different tagines or seafood to experience local food.

Just beside the medina’s ramparts there are a lot of restaurants serving different fish meals, lamb and chicken tajines, traditional soup, grills, and Moroccan patisseries.


Go to the pier and watch the sunset. It’s a popular place for people looking for a romantic atmosphere and sometimes locals try to catch fish from the old stone pier.

Central Market

Outside of the medina there is a local market that sells local handmade products and all sorts of general groceries as well as fresh fish, vegetables, and delicious local seasonal fruits.


Asilah has a few mosques. Most popular are the Great Mosque and Hassan II Mosque. Only Muslims can go into the mosques, but other people can still look at them from outside and take pictures.

St. Bartolm Church

St. Bartolm Church was built by colonisers from Europe. It is a historical building and is one of just a few churches in Morocco that is allowed to signal Sunday mass by ringing the bells.

Hassan II International Center

The Hassan II International Center has displays of art. There are paintings and sculptures by Moroccan artists and international artists.


As in other Moroccan cities and towns, the hammams are important for locals. Visit one of these for a traditional Moroccan experience in a steam bath.

A lot of people from Spain come to Asilah in the summer. Lots of Moroccans like it in the holidays as well. Not many other tourists visit so it is like a Moroccan secret for other visitors to Morocco.

Art in Asilah

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