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Best Things to do in Miami

Updated on May 4, 2013

Best Things to do in Miami

Best Things to do in Miami
Best Things to do in Miami | Source

South Beach, Maimi

Best Things to do in Miami

The best things to do In Miami, Florida, where you spend time at a hotel part of your time, the South beach Shore Club is best being in accommodations. This luxury hotel has rooms starting at $210.00 per night. This price is relatively low for this area of Miami. Located in the party life area of Miami, Florida, the landscape around and in this hotel is spectacular, and a must see. The rooms are large and luxurious and fit for a king. Art Deco lobby is the starting point for your tour of this hotel. Reservations are well made in advance as this is where some of fashion designers and celebrities like to gather and stay. This South Beach Hotel is a main attraction for this area, and is popular with anyone that likes lovely tropical gardens and swimming pools that encompass this Hotel. There is a Sky bar up in the hotel for dancing and seeing the nightlife or just for browsing the city from the tallest part of this building. Several well known architects designed the gardens, and they flow around this beautiful place in South Beach.

Real estate is usually not what one is looking for on a vacation. However, it may be a keen idea while in Miami, Florida. After a five year slump, Miami is building at a faster pace, and there are homes to be bought and invested in. You could spend any amount of money depending on the area of interest. The sky is the limit with mansions in the high to mid 40 million dollar range in certain secluded areas. The average U.S. rate, 15 year fixed mortgage fell to a record low recently and the 30-year fixed loan have declined. So investment into Miami area is now. Miami is only second to Europeans searching for property in the USA besides Los Angeles as popular to own property in this Florida city.One of the best things to do in people watch and there is plenty of this activity to admire.

Miami Shore Club

Miami Shore Club
Miami Shore Club | Source

Zoo Miami

Round Up The Family , Go To Miami

South Beach, popular and well known for its wild night life and fun at the many clubs. Art Deco restaurants and endless clubs playing all sorts of music make this a tremendously exciting place to spend your evening with a loved one. Fashion models love this area and to see a fashion shot in the streets in not uncommon in South Beach or Miami, Florida. This place is where the action is and going home will not even be an option after a night filled with fun with all the activities this place has to offer. In 1926 most of the area was damaged to to a hurricane. As of 2010, there are several thousand residents that live in this area. South Beach is the main entertainment mecca and a must-see for any traveler at some time in their life. The area encompasses all of the barrier islands of Miami Beach. This area is popular with American and foreign tourist alike. Many languages are spoken on the streets as you gaze at the colorful area of this city. There are many people who buy second homes or permanent homes after visiting this area, and rightfully so.

There are other areas of Miami not mentioned, like the Zoo Miami. This place is one of the best Zoos in America. There are animals from all over the world, because of the warm and humid climate. This is a tropical city with tropical plants abundant throughout this city anywhere you decide to go. Real Estate is what you should consider as you stay in the Shore Club Hotel and enjoy South Beach all year round. There is always something to go and explore in this bright lit city and area of Miami. There are some of the best things to do in Miami. It will make you wonder why you are not living there now.

Miami Shore Club

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1901 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA
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Miami Shore Club

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