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Best Roller Coasters in Amusement Park History

Updated on April 23, 2017

Scary Thrill Rides

The Incredible Hulk coaster at Islands of adventure in Orlando, Florida. It has very high loops and it goes very fast.
The Incredible Hulk coaster at Islands of adventure in Orlando, Florida. It has very high loops and it goes very fast. | Source
The Goliath at Six Flags in Atlanta, Georgia has the deepest drop of any coaster at the park.
The Goliath at Six Flags in Atlanta, Georgia has the deepest drop of any coaster at the park. | Source
Ghost Rider is located at Knott's Berry Farm in California.
Ghost Rider is located at Knott's Berry Farm in California. | Source

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Conquer Your Fear of Heights

1. Kingda Ka: Six Flags in Township, New Jersey: (2005) This is the tallest roller coaster in the world. It is 456 feet tall and it travels at 128 mph which is the second fastest coaster in the world as well. Your launched from 0 to 128 mph in only 3.5 seconds and believe me it will shake the skin on your face the entire ride. I would imagine that this roller coaster has a warning that says if you are of the faint of heart of if you have back problems, don't ride this coaster. This is one of the scariest rides ever.It will take your breath away from the rapid start that you take, with you going 128mph in 3.5. This to me is too fast. I don't enjoy roller coasters that go too fast like that.

2. Top Thrill Dragster: Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio: (2003) This coaster goes 120 MPH and scales 420 feet tall, making it the second fastest roller coaster in the world. When the coaster is first launched at the beginning of the ride, it is launched at full speed and it has many twists and turns. In the end it flips 270 degrees before pulling to a sudden stop. I am very afraid of heights but, I gave it a go, and it was so fun, I did it twice.

3. The Incredible Hulk: Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida: (1999) This coaster launches you into the second largest cobra roll at 110 feet in the air. The ride takes you through a misty tunnel and the ride has unique sounds and talking all throughout. The Incredible Hulk was a television show that I grew up with as a kid so, this was really cool to me getting to experience this ride. It was like having a comic book hero and an amusement park ride wrapped into one. Any fan of the Hulk will have a fit getting this thrill.

4. El Toro: Six Flags in Township, New Jersey: (2006) It is the fastest wooden coaster in the world with 70 mph top speed. It has a drop off height that is ranked No. 1 in the world. 176 foot drop is for thrill seekers only. The ride is unique because it gives you the feeling that you will be thrown out of the cart anytime. I don't think that at my age I would want to ride this roller coaster. I would be afraid that I would throw my back out of alignment.

5. The Revenge of the Mummy: Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida: (2004) This ride is an indoor coaster that propels you to 45 mph forward then it shoots you backwards at the same speed past turns and twists. Special effects sounds and monsters all appear before your ears and eyes during the ride. It's unique and different and the ride is in complete darkness except when the lights flash.

6. The Ghost Rider: Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California: (1998) This wooden coaster goes 56 mph and drops 108 feet. It is a scary coaster because it is spooky going down old mining shafts and around quick turns that make you feel like your going to crash into the walls and of course it gets dark at just the right moments the strike fear in the riders.

7. The Apollo's Chariot: Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia: (1999) In this ride you will drop 210 feet strait down towards the water before lifting right before splashing in the ravine. This ride goes up and down several times to simulate flying in an actual Chariot. It also jerks side to side for a minute or so simulating turbulance which was actually pretty scary.

8. Goliath: Six Flags in Atlanta, Georgia: (2006) You will fly strait downwards on a 200 feet drop with over twenty different twists and 90 degree turns on this 3 minute barn burner. This ride is very long and is spread out in the air over 8 acres. You can see this ride from the interstate in Atlanta. The hang time on the first hill before you drop is about 8 seconds and it is simply breathtaking. The first thing I ride is this when I am at the park because it usually has the longest lines when everyone files in the park.

9. Rock and Roller Coaster: Disney World in Orlando, Florida: (1999) This ride plays Aerosmith music from start to finish as you fly through California. Watch as street signs and red lights appear before your eyes as your coaster zooms by at fifty seven mph. It is just fast enough to enjoy the music and the visuals.

10. California Screamin`: Disneyland in Anaheim, California: (2001) You will be jamming` to the music and falling 120 feet strait down to the music. Fifty six mph is the speed and for a coaster it doesn't jerk you around too much. The coaster hangs up in the air for several seconds before descending.

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What Makes a Coaster?

Some coasters are special because of the speed, some because of the steep hills and others because of the loops. Many coasters now have themes such as Superman and Batman.

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      tipstoretireearly 4 years ago from New York

      Top Thrill Dragster in Cedar Point is awesome! The launch pushes you back in your seat, and the rest of the ride is just a rush!

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