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Best Travel Airlines for South Asian Trips

Updated on April 20, 2013

Broadening one’s horizons both culturally can be accomplished through traveling. There are so many places to go in the world it is absolutely impossible to see and do it all in one lifetime, this leads to a very tough decision to be made on where to go so your time isn’t wasted on places you didn’t enjoy. There is a good way to gauge how well an interaction with an international travel point will be simply by fielding reviews. The majority of reviews for South East Asia are always far higher than the other areas. Now that your area of choice is known you must choose the method of transportation you will take.

While cruises are enjoyable they take too long and don’t facilitate the most economical way of reaching the destination. This leaves air travel as the best option because of the fact that it reduces the travel time to only 26 hours to reach even the furthest reaches of the opposite side of the globe. The best airport to travel from London and other major airports of UK to South Asian Countries is to either to Bangkok, Ho Chi Mihn, Kuala Lumpur, or Singapore based on the amount of traffic they are capable of handling and available airline carriers.

Here is a ranking of the best services to use when trying to travel to major cities of the South East Asia from United Kingdom (UK) taking into account number of available fairs and service locations:

1. Air Asia-Offers incredible service and is known to be owned by Richard Branson’s previous accountant. Their operations are mainly based in Kuala Lumpur and provide flights to most every major South East Asian cities.

2. Jetstar- This establishment is based out of Ho Chi Minh City as well as Singapore. Those interested in going to Vietnam will be glad to know the prices of tickets for this destination are markedly cheaper. While the aeroplane may be a little older the service is still top notch.

3. Tiger Airways- This airline has very small seats and comfort during flight is nowhere to be found. This airline is based out of Singapore. The only drawing point to this airline is that it has very low rates for flights and very good safety record. It is a sacrifice in price for comfort that counters the situation. If it were not for the cheap fares this airline would not be worth using.

4. Firefly- This is a newer provider in the South East Asia area. It is based out of Kuala Lumpur and mainly deals with Specialty flights to Malaysia and Borneo. The fares are very reasonably priced and it is one of the airlines with a very good safety record throughout the entirety of its existence.

5. Lion Air- This airline is the largest private carrier specializing in island hopping in the great archipelago. This airline is based in Indonesia and advises on the website that the fleet is brand new which is nice. This is a budget oriented carrier and gives very good rates on all their flights In Indonesia.

After reaching these amazing destinations there are many walking tours and nature interests for observation. Taking time to slow down and find the unseen and charm of the destination creates a unique experience far from the general vacation with maps and time schedules to attend to. Because of the climate it is advised to always carry a good quantity of water because the heat will cause profuse sweating, also insect repellent and an iPod for listening to music. Explore this magical area of the world and surely you will not regret the experience had in this majestic part of the world.


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