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Best "Vacation" Spot in the World

Updated on June 19, 2008

This may not be the answer that people are looking for. But, after travelling to many places, my feeling is that the best vacation is to enjoy exactly where you are at the moment.

In these times, we are so busy getting from place to place that we rarely stop to really 'see' what's around us. Even this site, with its plethora of how to articles, is so much about getting to a destination. Even a vacation becomes an achievement-oriented activity. We want to come back and be able to say we've had the 'best vacation ever'.

So why go on a vacation where you are just busy trying to reach somewhere, or trying to cram in as much activity as you can? Why not take a vacation every day, and look around you? Maybe it's a sign of age, but I've come to think that the best time-out you can find is to really live the world around you.

Out and about in my world...

See your world through the eyes of a tourist. When you go places, you're curious about the people, places, things, and you bother to look around you. So why not do that every day? Look at the world around you, and wonder... wonder how it will look to someone from outside, what will they think unique about the area, the people, the lifestyle? No matter how mundane you think your surroundings are, I've always found that there's something special in it. Like how my local shopping centre has become a hang-out for the older generation. They sit on the benches, and talk to people who sit down next to them, whether they know them or not. A little bit of a small-town feel in busy Singapore.

Photos. Ever experienced the feeling when you're travelling that you need to take photographs of everything so that you can remember it all? Why not go take photographs of places, people and things with personal meaning to you -- that tree you planted, the old man you smile at every day as you go for breakfast, the path you use every day to get to work, etc.

It's so easy to not really see the beauty around us because when we got out, we have a place to go to, a purpose. But look at your daily world through a photographer's eye (bring a camera with you, or use the camera in your mobile phone), and it becomes easy to appreciate the fragile beauty of a newly opened flower, to be entranced by the way the shadows fall through your window, to be captivated by the picture of little girl on roller skates walking hand-hand with her maid. Even the ugliness -- the rubbish around the corner that never seems to disappear, the dead shrubs that haven't been cleared away -- are precious, because they are reminders that life around us is diverse, and nuanced.

It's wonder awakened that makes a vacation special. Egypt will always be most memorable to me. Standing on the desert sands, your perceptions shift, and time seems to stretch forever, and yet stand still. There's wonder in that.

Perceive the wonder in your immediate world, and you'll have the best vacation every day.


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    • Roseann Cole profile image

      Roseann Cole 

      8 years ago from Midwest USA

      I look out my front door and I see trees and hills. I appreciate what I have here and there but on a daily basis I don't really think too much about it. On the other hand, there are plenty of people who love to come here and tourist.

    • profile image

      Destin Rental Property 

      9 years ago

      I tell my wife this all the time. Our friend recently invited us to Hawaii next fall, but I just can't see why I'd leave the beaches here on the Florida Panhandle and actually pay to go what to me is a stepdown. Now, a ski vacation might be different...


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