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Best Ways To Travel New Zealand

Updated on April 19, 2017

The territory of New Zealand isn't huge but getting from end to end could take quite some time especially if you go from the North to the South island. In this hub we'll explore the options you have about travelling inside this lovely country.

If you have already travelled there please let me know and share your thoughts in the comments.

By Air

Planes are very popular and often quite affordable means of transport in New Zealand. There are more than 30 airports with scheduled service all over the country, covering every corner of it. Seven of the airports are internation and two of them - in Christchurch and Aukland handle long international flight from Europe, Americas etc.


By Train

Trains in New Zealand cover most of the North and part of the South island. Trains are often recommended as the best way to travel between Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. A small part of this journey goes through a ferry.

New Zealand trains go through wonderful views that can't be seen by other mean of transport.

The cost might be higher than taking an airplane though. A return trip Auckland - Wellington is about USD $100, and the Wellington - Christchurch part is even more. Regardless of the price, New Zealand trains worth taking at least once.

By Bus

Trains don't cover all the cities and towns in the country. That's why buses are also very popular especially on short distances. There are many scenic New Zealand bus trips at good prices. When booking in advance you can get much better rates compared to last minute ticket purchases.

There are many bus passes that allow you take a trip on parts or use buses multiple times in a given period.

A return trip from Auckland to Wellington can be as low as USD 30 and slightly more for Wellington - Christchurch. These trips can be more than 11 hours though.

By Car

The roads in New Zealand aren't as good as those in the USA. Still many people drive regularly and car rentals are available everywhere. A very popular option there are the campervans and many people choose to travel the country this way.

If you like to ride a motorcycle, you'll also like New Zealand.


By Boat

Ferries will take you from the North to South island and also to the islands in the Hauraki Gulf. Ferries are called also water taxis and take passengers and cars. There are also sightseeing cruises, community boats and charter ferries.

Prices for passengers start from as low as $5.


By Cycle

New Zealanders don't use bicycles too much yet compared to some European countries. However if you want to experience the country with a cycle, there are many rail trails some of which longer than 150km. The urban cycleways are also starting to build up especially in Auckland.

Check the New Zealand Cycle Trail to learn about the government initiative to make bikes popular.

By Feet

New Zealand is too large for walking by feet and the intercity roads won't have sidewalks and good walking facilities. This won't stop adventurous travelers of course.

Walking in the cities should be fine however as they are relatively friendly to pedestrians.


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