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Best beaches of Morocco

Updated on July 4, 2017

It is a country of the most beautiful Arab countries and has a great place in the world of tourism, especially the similar climate and topography of the climate and European terrain, yes it is the Arab Maghreb, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea as well as the Atlantic Ocean, so there are many beaches characteristic of Morocco on both sides with nature, Today, we are introducing the best beaches of the State of Morocco. This is based on a review done by the French magazine L'Express. Let us know about these beaches in the following lines.

Agadir Beach
The beach of Morocco, which is loved by many inside and outside Morocco, and this beach has many wonderful activities that tourists enjoy, including horseback riding on the beach as well as various water sports, is a wonderful beach in the relaxation and sunbathing wonderful, the beach enjoys a magnificent Corniche, With plenty of shops and restaurants.

A beach for a castle
The beach is surrounded by highlands and high landscaping. It is surrounded by hills and mountains with its beach. It is located in an area called Ait Baamran, not far from the city of Sidi Ifni. It will not take ten minutes from the city, a beach characterized by splendor and luxury. Of many tourists.

Alawalidah Beach
This beach has been awarded the title of Blue Badge as the best beaches in the State of Morocco for four times. This beach is characterized by the presence of all the services of the summer resort especially in the summer, and there are many concerts that revive life in the form of Permanent summer and winter.

Essaouira Beach
The beach is always distinctive and is known in Morocco as the beach of choice and desired by the Moroccans. This beach on the Blue Lagoon has a distinctive ten years on the rest of the beaches in Morocco. The climate in this beach is wonderful throughout the year, where the sunshine and fresh air, The holy month of Ramadan comes in summer or winter.

Taghazout Beach
One of the cleanest beaches to be enjoyed by tourists or Moroccans is not far from the city of Agadir, but only a few kilos away from the city. The beach has many wonderful activities, and many medium and inexpensive hotels are available. There are also simple chalets with a very wonderful village atmosphere.

Dracon Beach

The beach is characterized by many features but is particularly famous for water sports where every year a high-level water sports event is held, which makes tourists go to the beach love this distinctive rally, this unique beach in the city of Dakhla, located in the south-west of Morocco, Atlantic.

Kimado Beach

A great beach located on the Mediterranean Sea, especially in the city of Al Hoceima, which has a lot of beaches but the right to say that the beach of Kemado is the first beach in the possibilities and magnificence, the beach, despite all the services in the calm and the availability of all amenities, a permanent residence for many tourists from around the world , Do not mind with your visit to Morocco to visit the city of Al Hoceima, which is located on the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy the beautiful nature and wonderful tropical landscape.


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