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Best Times to Visit Singapore

Updated on October 9, 2017

It's not so easy to answer when is the best time to visit Singapore. There is no straightforward answer but there a few things to consider, like the weather and events that are happening in this micro country.

Choose what affect you the most to decide the best time for you to come and enjoy Singapore.

According to weather

It has been repeated everywhere that Singapore is a hot and humid place. Although it has more rain between October to March, it is mostly hot.

In April and September, however, the weather is milder with less pouring rain and more clouds covering the glaring sun.

For those who are not accustomed to humid weather, umbrella, sunscreen, and probably a set of changing clothes are highly recommended.

According to festivals

1. February for Chingay, Chinese New Year, and (of course) Valentine's Day.

Chingay Parade really lives up to its title as the Singapore's Mardi Grass. It is a street and floats parade that showcases the rich, vibrant multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan cultures of Singapore and exciting performances from overseas. If you are into Asian cultures and festivals, this is one parade you should not miss.

As Chinese is the majority in Singapore, Lunar New Year is known more as the Chinese New Year and its celebration is almost as big as the 1st January. Decorations are usually up since January (as soon as the Christmas decoration is down) and promotions spring everywhere. Valentine's Day may only be celebrated by the young ones, but the youngsters in Singapore can surely celebrate. During these times, watch out for discounts, special hotel packages, and limited edition items.

2. July for Singapore Food Festival

If there is one common love shared between the Singaporeans, it is the love for food. You can share the love through Singapore Food Festival. The 10-day festival which will be held 12-21 July 2013 features Singapore's traditional food which include Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Peranakan cuisine.

According to events

1. June to July for Great Singapore Sale.

As mentioned, avoid to come to Singapore during June, as the airfare and accommodation prices will go up. But if you happen to be in the country during the month, look out for best deals all around because it's Great Singapore Sale.

July-August is also Malaysia Mega Sale, so if you have more budget and time, include this in your itinerary. You don't have to go far, you can just drop by Johor Bahru, which only 2 hours bus drive away from Singapore.

2. End of September for F1.

Many tourists come to Singapore especially to attend this international event. Not only about the most skillful driver from all around the worlds, F1 also features many international celebrities with its starting and ending concerts.

According to budget

Naturally, when it's holiday high season, everything becomes expensive but there will be move activities to do. For those who wants to experience the local daily lives, it's better to come to Singapore during low season, when accommodation and other things become cheaper.

1. Low budget: April or October.
Some say that the low season in Singapore is between March to May, because it's not a holiday season, and there's not many events. However, most promotions usually available for October, probably some sort of promotion to welcome November and December holiday seasons.

2. High budget: December.
December is no doubt the high season as it is the time for a long holiday for many countries. At this time, Singaporeans who choose to stay in the country like to do a staycation, that is a vacation locally. They will rent a room of chalet in fancy location in Singapore that they don't usually visit. Because of this common practice, there are a lot of interesting activities and packages available, but the downside is, cost goes up everywhere.

In a nutshell

I would personally say the best time to visit Singapore is either February or December.

In February, the weather is still cooler than the rest of the year, so it will be easier for European/North American tourists. One of the biggest festivals in Singapore, Chinese New Year is also celebrated in this month (exact time changes from year to year), so visitors can expect a grand spectacle.

December is my favorite month. Although it rains most of the time, it is the coldest month in the country (around 25 degree Celsius) and the preparation for Christmas and New Year is up all over the country.

June is the high season in Singapore but it is NOT recommended to come in this month. Mid-June to July is the school holiday in Indonesia and this automatically create an influx of tourists to Singapore.The logic is, even if 0.001% of Indonesia's 240 million people go to Singapore for holiday, that's 240,000 people, but of course, in real life, the number is much higher than that. A high number of tourists also mean higher prices for everything. If you can, come to Singapore during other months.

Read some tips on travelling to Singapore and the Where, Who, What, How and When to get familiar with this island country.


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