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Best tourism places to visit in Lebanon

Updated on July 18, 2015
fadiasabra1 profile image

I am a Lebanese girl and I am graduated in law, i like to write about many topics, and i like to express myself through writing...

Baalbek, The roman treasure

Baalbeck, Lebanon's greatest Roman treasure, can be counted among the wonders of the ancient world. The largest and most noble Roman temples ever built, they are also among the best preserved.

Towering high above the Beqaa plain, their monumental proportions proclaimed the power and wealth of Imperial Rome. The gods worshipped here, the Triad of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, were grafted onto the indigenous deities of Hadad, Atargatis and a young male god of fertility. Local influences are also seen in the planning and layout of the temples, which vary from the classic Roman design

Tyre,the Phoenician city

Tyre is an ancient Phoenician city and the legendary birthplace of Europa and Elissa (Dido). Today it is the fourth largest city in Lebanon[4] and houses one of the nation's major ports. Tourism is a major industry. The city has a number of ancient sites, including its Roman Hippodrome which was added to UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites in 1979.

Tyre was founded around 2750 BC according to Herodotus and was originally built as a walled city upon the mainland. Phoenicians from Tyre settled in houses around Memphis, south of the temple of Hephaestus in a district called the Tyrian Camp.

Tyre has many places to make tourism in, in addition to its ancient sites, visitors can benefit from it’s resorts across the sea, and there are many five stars hotels.

jeita, new7wonders candidate

The Jeita Grotto is a system of two separate, but interconnected, karstic limestone caves spanning an overall length of nearly 9 kilometres (5.6 mi). The caves are situated in the Nahr al-Kalb valley within the locality of Jeita, 18 kilometres (11 mi) north of the Lebanese capital Beirut. Though inhabited in prehistoric times, the lower cave was not rediscovered until 1836 by Reverend William Thomson; it can only be visited by boat since it channels an underground river that provides fresh drinking water to more than a million Lebanese.

In 1958, Lebanese speleologists discovered the upper galleries 60 metres (200 ft) above the lower cave which have been accommodated with an access tunnel and a series of walkways to enable tourists safe access without disturbing the natural landscape. The upper galleries house the world's largest known stalactite. The galleries are composed of a series of chambers the largest of which peaks at a height of 120 metres (390 ft).

Aside from being a Lebanese national symbol and a top tourist destination, the Jeita grotto plays an important social, economic and cultural role and is a finalist in the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition, and as of 7:44 pm GMT the provisional New7Wonders of Nature based on the first count of vote results on 11/11/2011 Jeita was one of the top 14 Finalists in the New7Wonders of Nature.

Jounieh, the mother of nightlife

Jounieh's setting is one of the most beautiful cities along the Lebanese coast. It is known for its seaside resorts and bustling nightlife, as well as its old souk, ferry port and cable car. For the best view of the bay of Jounieh considered to be the most beautiful bay in Lebanon, the steep cable car (telepherique) located in the middle of Jounieh takes you up to Harissa. Once arrived near the white statue of the Lady of Harissa, (Virgin of Lebanon), you will be dazzled by the view of the bay of Jounieh, and enchanted by the charm of the Lady. Heading to or from Jounieh, one can stop off at Nahr al-Kalb touristic site (the Dog River) to watch the living evidence of a long line of conquering armies, i.e. historic inscriptions carved into the river-gorge walls. Other tourist sites in Jounieh, the main city in Kesrouan, comprise the souk of Jounieh and Zouk where local artists gather to sell their wares and intimate shops and excellent restaurants serve a variery of Local and international cuisines. Kaslik is the shopping center of kesrouan. It includes everything a tourist might need: international clothing stores, shoe stores, jewelers and furniture shops. Eventually, a final note to mention is the presence of Casino du Liban and the Lebanese Heritage museum displaying items related to the culture and history of Lebanon within Jounieh district. Driving towards Maamaltein, tourists will find a well-preserved Roman Bridge, which once formed the boundary between the Crusader County of Tripoli and the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Jounieh is 20 km north of Beirut.

Beirut, the Center of tourism

Located in the middle of the eastern Mediterranean coast, Beirut, the Lebanese capital, It used to be known as the'Paris of the Middle East'.

As Europe's beaches become more expensive, more tourists than ever are flocking to the cheaper climes of the Middle East, and Beirut has plenty of beaches and excellent weather to woo visitors. It also boasts a thriving arts scene and high quality museums while shopping, dining and entertainment options are also surprisingly good.

Among Beirut's best attributes are its many pleasant boulevards, winding alleys and coastal walks, which are highlighted by an almost perfect climate. Rue Hamra in Beirut's northwest is a fine area to wander, while the Corniche is a huge thoroughfare of shops, restaurants, viewpoints and people.

Beirut's National Museum is the best of a good bunch and tells all about the history and plight of Lebanon through some remarkable exhibits. Roman ruins, the Cathedral of St George and the Beach Club are among Beirut's other major sights while outside the city are high quality ski resorts, water parks and wildlife reserves.

Leisure options in Beirut are also pretty good. Its private beaches offer the safest and cleanest environments on the coast, where some good scuba diving and snorkelling can be had, as well as a string of water sports such as jet-skiing and windsurfing. Families with kids are also well catered for and at night the theatre, restaurants and a slew of bars and discos beckon.

Beirut also boasts a thriving hotel industry and there is something here for every range of traveller. Those in the budget category are catered for, yet Beirut edges more towards the mid-range and four- and five-star standard of hotel, with the likes of the Beirut Marriott offering every type of amenity. For the best discounts, hotels should be booked in advance online.

Beirut is busiest from June to August (during the European school holidays) yet is also busy in the winter when the ski resorts open for business. The weather at this time is still good enough to enjoy the beaches to boot, and booking hotels ahead is therefore recommended at any time. Booking hotels online is by far and away the best way to secure a room nowadays and to save money.

Beirut has an international airport which is located close to the city centre and receives direct flights from all over Europe, as well as from Australia, Singapore and from some African cities. You can also get to Beirut by train and bus from Damascus in Syria, while ferries also come in from Larnaca in nearby Cyprus. Getting about Beirut is made easy by a flotilla of minibuses, taxis and public buses.


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    • fadiasabra1 profile image

      fadiasabra 2 years ago from beirut

      thank you mel carriere, in Lebanon you can find many wonderful places and the people are peaceful, we love life and we have good culture, most of people here talk many languages and like to meet foreign people, wish you visit Lebanon someday and enjoy its nice climate and wonderful places

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 2 years ago from San Diego California

      We only hear bad things about Lebanon, mostly about wars, on our local news, but it looks like a truly beautiful place with a lot of fascinating places to see and fun things to do. Great hub!

    • fadiasabra1 profile image

      fadiasabra 2 years ago from beirut

      thank you clivewilliams, I will be glad if you visited someday my country, and promise you I will be your guide too.

    • fadiasabra1 profile image

      fadiasabra 2 years ago from beirut

      thank you billbuc, I am very happy that you liked my article, and I am happy too because I am making others know my country

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Very nice! We in the States have very little idea what the rest of the world looks like...this was very interesting.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Jamaica

      Good Info. One day i may just visit

    • fadiasabra1 profile image

      fadiasabra 2 years ago from beirut

      yeah, it is a great place for holiday, you will find any thing for tourism in my country, ancient ruins, nightlife, swimming, snow ski, all at the same time..

    • kiwinana profile image

      Elsie Hagley 2 years ago from New Zealand

      Beautiful photos it looks like a great place for a holiday.