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Best Ways to Plan & Save For Your Disney Trip!

Updated on December 21, 2016


When it comes to traveling to Disney, transportation can be expensive! Depending on your distance you may choose from a range of different options for your transportation. Renting a car, taking a flight, train or bus. The most important factor in saving money on transportation is staying on top of sales/deals! Start looking a year in advance at pricing and stay on top of it! Deals and discounts can come at anytime and are sometimes unannounced. For example last year I booked a flight to Orlando (round trip) from Boston and paid $89 each way! I started looking in May of 2014 found the deal in November of 2014 for my trip in May of 2015! Waiting last minute to book your transportation may cost you more than you think. Also note Holiday/Summer travel can be a bit different in pricing.

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Tickets to the Walt Disney World theme parks can be very pricey! Its important to pay attention to the types of ticket you are getting. Disney offers Base Tickets: You may only enter one park per day, no water parks or park hopping, Park Hopper Tickets: You get full access to all 4 theme parks each day, Water Park Fun & More: You may only enter one park per day, access to Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, Park Hopper & Water Park Fun & More: You get full access to all 4 theme parks and both water parks each day. Base tickets are the cheapest, working your way up to Park Hopper & Water Park Fun & More being the most expensive. The safest and most reliable website to purchase your Disney tickets is Undercover Tourist! This website offers some of the lowest prices on tickets for Disney! Tickets can be activated at anytime and you can always link them to your magic bands!

Hotel or House?

You have a few options when it comes to where to stay on your vacation to Disney.

Staying at a Disney Resort/Hotel: This is the number one option for most travelers. Seeing that convenience is a big deal when it comes to vacations, staying inside of Disneys hotels/resorts will make going to each park easier. Each hotel/resort inside of Disney offers transportation to and from each park as well as Disney Springs throughout the day on frequent time base! The bus provided by Disney can pick you up from the Orlando International Airport as well as other locations and bring you straight to your Disney hotel/resort. With these accommodations pricing can get expensive! On site of each hotel/resort is a food court and shops to fulfill all needs! Staying with Disney will always bring you a magical experience!

Disney Good Neighbor Hotel: The benefit to the Good Neighbor hotel is the convenience of transportation as well as prices! The only downside to it is that their are restraints on how often the shuttles will run from your hotel to the Disney parks as well as Disney Springs.

Staying at a hotel outside of Disney: The biggest benefit to getting a hotel not through Disney is pricing. You can easily find a hotel in a 30 minute distance under $50 a night. The only issue you will have is finding sufficient transportation within the time frame your looking for. Renting a vehicle would be something to consider if your saving money on staying outside of Disney!

Renting a house: For those of us who like to travel with our family or go on a "friendcation", even those who just want the privacy of enjoying their own Florida home; renting a house may be the option for you! Usually rental homes will have a minimal renting period (7 days). Most homes come with their own screened in pool as well as the benefits of cooking your own food and enjoying Orlando for all it has to offer in and outside of the Disney parks. Be sure to check out tripadvisor for great prices!

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Saving on Gifts

As we all know that Disney has a wide range of options for gifts to buy for anyone of any age! One issue that seems to always come up is only having a small portion left of your vacation budget and still have to buy your children, or grandchildren those Mickey/ Minnie ears they have been asking for! A good way to find all of the t-shirts, stuffed animals, and ears you want is to shop outside of Disney parks. The main strip of shopping in the Orlando area that is close by to Disney would be International Drive. Offering the lowest prices on Disney quality items that they actually sell inside of the parks! This road has a massive amount of gift shops, discount stores, as well as thrift shops and flea markets providing you with all of the possibilities you can imagine!

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