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Best and Coolest Sleeping Bags For Kids (And Adults, Too!)

Updated on September 20, 2011

We all love to camp. Personally, I love camping indoors with the air conditioner blasting off to its maximum. Since I live in a very warm country called Singapore, I would never be able to experience the camp with the bonfire and marshmallows and the hot cocoa and bears and hard rocky soil unless I fly off to the neighboring countries. There are, of course, some off-island camping areas but I have yet to try them. So right now, I am contented with my own indoor camp.

So while thinking of the best possible sleeping bag to use, I stumbled upon a gazillion online.

I have listed down the Top 10 Coolest and Most Creative Sleeping Bags ever created. These sleeping bags are absolutely adorable and kids would surely love it-- including the kids-at-heart as well.


Here's the JakPak shape shifter


This all-in-one sleeping bag actually has many cool features. I have not encountered a sleeping bag that could not only be a tent but also very lightweight that it can be worn as a jacket. My sleeping bag needs one of my hands to carry it but with this JakPak, I think it's a cool and novel idea to wear it so there's there's no need to be carrying it with the bare hands at all. Some of its unique features include:

  • It is waterproof-- great when the camping area is wet or you might want to sleep in the water?
  • It is a jacket-- has three pockets, reversible zipper, hood, collar, and a lot more
  • It is a tent-- The tent covers the upper half of the body while there is a mosquito net for the lower half. I love the fact that if I were to use this, mosquitoes would not be able to 'colonize' my body.
  • But it is a sleeping bag essentially.


The Sleep Suit

If you own a sleep suit, would you use it in public?

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"Architecturally, the very close relationship between the human body and the suit acts as the generator of form as well as tool to negotiate between the occupant and his or her surroundings."

It looks like a honeycomb but it's not. Created by Forrest Jessee, it is inspired by Dymaxion Sleep, which means sleeping many times per day. So this one's actually good when napping-- not just for camping. But if I were to own one, I would definitely not bring it anywhere near a forrest. This one's too pretty to soil.

There's also science behind this suit. By carefully mapping the pressure points in any imaginable position, this sleep suit is surprisingly a great "sleeping bag" to slip into.



This one's too good to pass. Designed by Justin Gargasz, this Vessel transformable clothing can be expanded into a cocoon-like sleeping bag and collapsed into a sling bag, even I won't mind hanging over my shoulders.

It boasts:

  • A reversible jacket-- looks like the usual jacket you can buy in sports shops. It is made from Cordura and according to the maker, this Cordura is very durable and water resistant. Will last you ages, this one.
  • A bag-- If you don't fancy the jacket, it can be collapsed into a bag. My only reservation with this is that I do not adore the way the sling is tied in front.
  • A cocoon-- lined with silicon? Who knew! It certainly looks like a cocoon from outside and it can be tied to a tree. Where else?



This sleeping bag is inflatable and bit bulky to bring but it's all worth it. You can sleep like you have not left the confines of the bedroom. Still in its infancy and still a concept, this one's not yet in stores--along with a lot of the coolest sleeping bags ever made.

It is akin to letting me smell the fragrant flavours of a dish but in the end, I am not allowed to taste.



Named as one of the 26 most groundbreaking products in 2010 by the National Geographic, this sleeping bag must have something that other bags do not. Well, if you own the Pro-Lite pads, you can even turn it into a cushion or a chair.

It is a positive thing for this sleeping bag to be so light. One time, I owned this red sleeping bag which weighed around three kilos, if my memory and estimates are correct. It did not even have a comfortable string handle and I ended up dragging it on the road.

This is from Therm-a-rest's design team:

“Conventional sleeping bag users may not see the difference in design, but someone who regularly uses a quilt or other type unconventional system may better understand the innovation in the Haven. In the design process, we looked at all the other unconventional sleeping systems on the market and found a need for a sleep system that integrates with a mattress yet is significantly lighter weight and offers a full hood for total coverage in cold weather. The Haven bag is unique in that it offers all of those features in a zipperless design with full hood, foot box and wrap-around coverage to provide reliable warmth, while super light at 1 lb. 6 oz (regular size).”


Alite Designs Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag (Plaid,Large)
Alite Designs Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag (Plaid,Large)

Here's one of the sexy hotness sleeping bags if you're interested



This bag is definitely not sexy but I love it. I want one! Its adverts are absolutely hip and I was recently scouring for fun ideas to do with my mates. I will look more into this sexy hotness sleeping bag. It has a couple of very fun features like:

  • Zip two or more sleeping bags together to create one large sleeping quarter
  • Padded feet for very cold camping sites (like mine)
  • Walk around without leaving the sleeping bag-- or when connected, walk around as one
  • Most importantly, be able to pee without going out of the bag

I love this already!



Another cocoon but this one's way cooler than the vessel transformable clothing. I like the fact that it's hanging and if I am situated high enough, then wild animals could not get to me. Or if I just want to try a night inside a cocoon, then this bag is great. The designers are John Moriarty and Billy Harney and they originally made this idea as an emergency shelter.

One question remains: is it comfortable sleeping in a sitting position overnight?



I have no idea who Tauntaun is and why he's very popular but if I'm right, he's a Star Wars character. Well, for the the Star Wars fans, here's your own warm Tauntaun! It started out as a prank but a lot of people wanted the real deal sleeping company so they marketed the sleeping bag and now earn big bucks with it.

The insides are designed like intestines, as what's expected from a dinosaur (is Tauntaun considered a dino?). It also has a head pillow and a light saber to pull the zipper. Smart! One size only and it fits one adult but for kids, it's got plenty of room.



Designed by Eiko Ishizawa, this sleeping bag looks like a bear and you can fit inside it! It's the nearest thing you can have if you want to experience being eaten by a bear. It's based on a true event in the Alps and this great sleeping bear bag would be a fantastic way to scare some people-- unless a bear hunter has already shot you because of the realistic grizzly appearance of this sleeping bag. Not advisable for a camping trip where real bears lurk.

I am in love by the way you can get in and out of the bear's mouth and if you stuff enough things inside the sleeping bag to fill the tummy, you might probably pass as a real live bear.



Even if this shark sleeping bag is kind of bulky, it is the coolest sleeping bag there is. It's not JUST a sleeping bag; it's also a stuffed toy. Well, instead of the usual teddy bear gift for birthdays or Christmas, this shark sleeping bag is a terrific alternative. At 7 ft, it can fit almost anybody-- which is kind of daunting knowing that sharks do leave quite a handful of fatalities annually.

Who knew sharks were so cuddly and warm?

If you're interested in buying this super cute sleeping bag, it's great if you live in the United States but for five and a half billion people who live outside, it's an unfortunate thing. Because of its sheer size, it's difficult to ship it internationally--unless of course, if you're really desperate and have fallen head over heels with this monster. I guess I'll have to pray and see.


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    • angie ashbourne profile image

      angie ashbourne 6 years ago

      Hi! inaniLoquence I like to camp in the summer, great sleeping bag ideas. The best is the Shark sleeping bag. Angie

    • inaniLoquence profile image

      inaniLoquence 6 years ago from Singapore

      leahlefler, yeah they're too expensive but perhaps when they're mass produced, they will lower the price? Let's hope! Thanks! Glad you enjoyed reading about it.

    • leahlefler profile image

      Leah Lefler 6 years ago from Western New York

      I got a chuckle out of the shark and bear sleeping bags - too pricey to be practical, but they are definitely funny!

    • inaniLoquence profile image

      inaniLoquence 6 years ago from Singapore

      Xie xie, Robindeng. Ni hao! They really are very appealing that I couldn't stop myself from writing about them. :)

    • robindeng profile image

      robindeng 6 years ago from China

      Yea, cool indeed. Great idea for campers.