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Updated on October 12, 2013
Map of India
Map of India
Bihar, The state of India
Bihar, The state of India
The first University of world, Nalanda University
The first University of world, Nalanda University

Bihar-The state of India

Bihar is very old and HIstorical state of India. it's area is 99,200 it's capital is Patna, which is situated in bank of river Ganga. It's Population is 8,28,79,778. In North of Bihar Nepal, In south Jharkhand, In east west bengal and in west Uttar pradesh is situated. Bihar is the 12th largest State in the term of Geographical size. Bihar has forest area of 6,764.14 The State language of Bihar is Hindi, state animal is reech, state bird is Nakta. The main crops of bihar is Rice, wheat, pulse, Sugarcane, Patato etc. and it's main fruits are Banana, Mango, Lichi, Guava. Bihar also holds many big industries of india like Barauni oil and gas plant, Bihar state credit and Investment corporation ltd. patna, Bihar state Industrial development copration ltd., Bihar state scooters ltd. patuha, Bihar state handloom powerloom handicraft develpment copration ltd. Patna. Bhar also speaks many other languages like urdu, maithili, magdhi, bhojpuri, Angika, bajika. Bihar celebrates many festival of all religions for example, Chatta, Vijaya dasmi, Deepavali, Mahavir jayanti, Buddha poornima, Ramnavmi, Sarsavati puja, Makar shankranti , Jitiya, Holi, chrismas, Id, Bakrid, Maha shivratri etc. The main Religious place of Bihar are Ashok dham, Gaya, Rajgir, Jankidham(sitamarhi), Ajgaibinath, Ram mandir(Buxar), Mhadev temple, Harhihar chetra, Hanuman temple etc for hindu, Boudha gaya, Rajgir, Nalanda etc for Buddhist, pawapuri, champapuri, vaishali for Jain religion, Bihar have also many tourist places like Golghar, Patna, Museum, Mahatma gandhi setu, Fort of shersha, Patan devi temple, tara mandal, Hanuman temple, Nalanda University, etc.

Bihar is the place where lord buddha got his first light of Gaya. but actually lord buddha was born in Nepal(lumbini district). World first University or World first place to spread education is Bihar. Bihar remained an important place of culture and education during the next 1000 years.

Bihar has very small Indutrial base compared to other states, including jharkand the neighbouring state. Jharkhand was the part of Bihar, it was seperated on 15 november 2000 and become jharkhand and with that it take away many big industrial area or we can say that whole coal mine. The people of Bihar lies in all parts of country due to unemployment and lack of education. this is strange that the state who gave the world the first light of education that suffers a huge amount of literacy. This is the place where lord buddha got his education and spreaded over the world.

But now at presetn Bihar started several new education centers between 2006 and 2008.. On August,8, 2008, IIT was inaugurated in Patna with students from all over India and ranking in the country. NSIT opened its new college in Bihar, now due to this all now Bihar is emerging as a new education hub in Country. BCE, Bhagalpur and MIT, Muzaffarpur are also prominent engineering colleges in Bihar



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