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Bike the Baltic States: From Vilnius to Tallinn in 10 Days

Updated on May 1, 2015

With some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, the ride from Vilnius to Tallinn may only take 10 days, but the memories will last a lifetime. Along the Baltic Coast and through the National Parks of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, this fascinating journey will take you through UNESCO World Heritage sites and across the the Curonian Spit to Hiiumaa Island and beyond.

Vilnius to Tallinn

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A markerVilnius -
Vilnius, Lithuania
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B markerKaunas -
Kaunas, Lithuania
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C markerNida -
Nida, Lithuania
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D markerKlaipeda -
Klaipėda, Lithuania
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E markerPalanga -
Palanga, Lithuania
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F markerRiga -
Rīga, Latvia
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G markerSaulkrasti -
Saulkrasti, Saulkrastu pilsēta, Latvia
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H markerParnu -
Pärnu, Pärnu County, Estonia
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I markerHaapsalu -
Haapsalu, Lääne County, Estonia
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J markerTallin -
Tallinn, Estonia
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Day 1: Vilnius

Enjoy the day in Vilnius before you begin your ride. Take a walk through The Park of Europe, an open air museum located in the center of town. Visit Gediminas Castle, a 14th Century castle known for it’s main tower, which is the national symbol of Vilius. For an unforgettable evening, dine at the Bistro 1 Dublis with its eclectic mix of new and old. Make sure to try the salmon tartar.

Day 2: Kaunas

Make your way through the picturesque countryside, through gentle hills to the city of Kaunas, some 140 KM from Vilnius. The second largest city in Lithuania, Kaunas is the academic center of the country. Famous for its architecture, the city reflects its historical importance as the crossroads of many civilizations.

Day 3: Nemunas River Delta

Travel along the Nemunas River Delta to the coast. Visit Vente Cape and see the bird observatory and the 19th century lighthouse before crossing the Curonian Lagoon by boat to Nida.

Day 4: Klaipeda

Bike along the Curonian spit to Klaipeda, stopping to see the Dead Sand Dunes and the colony of Grey Herons and Cormorants that call this area home. Visit the Hill of Witches and overnight in Klaipeda at one of the many quaint hotels.

Day 5: Seaside Regional Park

Cycle from Klaipeda to Palanga though the Seaside Regional Park. Visit the Botanical gardens and Amber Museum in the Palace of Count Tyszkiewicz. Push on to Riga, stopping at the Hill of Crosses if you have the energy. This will be an incredibly long day of more than 300 km. You may choose to break this leg into two days if you choose to stop at the Hill of Crosses.

Day 6: Riga

Have breakfast in the medieval town of Riga, then make your way to Jurmala, the largest resort in the country. This should be a day of relaxation so enjoy the afternoon on the long white sandy beach before making your way back to Riga.

Day 7: Saulkrasti

ravel through Gauja National Park to Saulkrasti with its amazing views of the Gauja River Valley. Stop by Gutmana Cave, visit Turaida Castle and the oldest Latvian Church, Krimulda.

Day 8: Haapsalu

Cycle along the coast to Haapsalu, then on to the Estonian border. Stop in Parnu, the Estonian Summer Capital on the way. The road along the coast is amazing as it winds through fishing villages until you arrive in Haapsalu, famous for it amazing mud baths, sure to relieve the aches and pains of the ride so far.

Day 9: Hiumaa

Make your way to Rohukula and catch the ferry to the beautiful Estonian Island of Hiiumaa. Don’t forget to explore the lighthouses in Tahkuna, Ristna and Kopu along the way. While the island is short on accommodations, its rich history more than makes up for the lack of tourist amenities.

Day 10: Tallinn

Enjoy the ride across Hiiumaa island before crossing the bridge to Kassari. Make your way to Tallinn to spend your final day relaxing in Old Town before heading back home. For an amazing dinner, try Rataskaevu16 in Old Town for a wonderful meal at a reasonable price.

The trip from Vilnius to Tallinn covers more than 100 KM per day (with some days of up to 300 km. If you’re in great shape, this should be a problem. If you’re not ready to traverse long distances by pedal alone, consider renting an electric bike or taking a bus along the way to ease the journey. You may want to take a guided tour that transports your bike via coach through some of the less interesting areas to make the trip more relaxing. No sense making it a misery just to cover the kilometers. Afterall, you’ve come to the Baltic for a vacation, not an endurance race.


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