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Biking in Mürren

Updated on July 23, 2016

Switzerland is all about scenic landscapes and rugged beauty that lies amid huge white peaks. An ideal way exploring Switzerland is through bike or walk, which will make your European tours full of excitement. Murren is a small traditional village, which lies in Oberland more than five thousand feet above sea level.

This is a typical and peaceful mountain resort. It is traffic free area where you will find many merry strollers and excited mountain bikers. Murren is considered to the best mountain biking resort in Europe. There are tasteful hotels, lovely colourful shops and cliffside restaurants that are settled in wide terraces. Having hot drinks amid clouds gives a dreamlike feel to the visitors. The colorful tiny shops are filled with every kind of alpine jewellery and ornaments.

Deep ridges, low and high rocks with trails for bikers with green spaces with the backdrop of snowcapped mountains, dancing clouds and shrilling sounds of waterfalls mesmerize its visitor. Get a bike and start your tour where scenic beauty welcomes you with all its charm and charisma. The trail is steep as compare to other trails in the area but the well marked intersections and clear roads make easier for the bikers to enjoy the ride.

The tiny wooden houses where balconies and windows are well decorated with blooming flowers give a wonderful treat to your eyes. One may notice small waterfalls and high rocks all around. To view the power of nature, bike straight to the valley floor. The mountains are well cut, then tunnels and elevators are made inside to reach deep into the gorges. After climbing up the stairs you will reach deep inside the mountain. The terraces are made to walk and enjoy the rushing water. The terrace is high above the valley and in the gorge where water flows with all its power. It is said that almost four thousand gallons of water flows in a second.

Murren is not only famous for its magnificent views but also for its fresh and delicious cheese. Lovely farms and cheese making culture in Murren is famous through centuries. Healthy cows munch in high meadows and the milk produce refined cheese. There are local cheese making factories that work to the European Union standards. Though, the villagers do not export their cheese but they work laboriously to produce export quality products. The cheese making process is quite long and hard. After churning the milk in processors the cheese is kept in large and round pan, then kept for almost two nights. The delicious and healthy product is completely ready in two days. You may get some slices for a little treat during a walk or biking.

There is a lovely European campground where you will meet so many other travellers coming from all across the globe. These comfortable camps provide every kind of facilities and if you want, you may get a tiny bungalow. Stay there for a night or few days. There is a little store and a restaurant that serves fresh and delicious Swiss cuisine.


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