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Bimini Beaches

Updated on January 6, 2015

Bimini Beaches

The blissful shores of Bimini Bay are the perfect escape from reality, providing unforgettable tropical adventures! From Alice Town to Paradise Beach, the Northern island alone offers endless hours of exploration and sightseeing.

All the way down past the villages & shops is the hidden peninsula. Beyond the trees lies a small sandy beach & channel between the islands, tempting its' guests to swim across to the Pirate's Well & Fountain of Youth. The opposite side of the peninsula bares nothing but crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean glistening in the sun & lining the coral rock & caverns for miles. With the Wreck of Sapona not far offshore, another startling shipwreck lay rusted against the rocky shore for exploring & viewing pleasure. The extreme contrast of the deteriorating vessel & the flawless nature of the land makes for an extraordinary sight!

Bimini Channel

Coral Beaches
Coral Beaches
Abandoned Shipwreck on the Beach
Abandoned Shipwreck on the Beach

Alice Town

After being on the abandoned beaches along the edge of the land, even the small portion of the island that is Alice Town seems to have quite a bit of hustle & bustle going on. The skinny streets running through town are lined with golf carts & village locals wandering between the village shops, backyard bars & private beach clubs. Buildings are lined with colorful paints & floral vines climbing the stone & seashell covered walls. In the heart of town, natives share their handmade trinkets & local findings with the outsiders in their personalized minuscule shops. For anyone who loves eclectic souvenirs, this is the place to be!

Island Living

Beach Access

After an exciting trip in town, with pockets & bags full of trinkets, next stop is the Northern end of the island, at the private resort-only beach access. Perhaps the most astonishing view of all is the deteriorating coral creation that towers two stories over the waters below; where small circular crevices create perfect natural seats to sit back & enjoy the breathtaking view of Paradise Point.

Paradise Beach

All the way down past the resort access, a new up-and-coming spot awaits; Paradise Beach. While most stay near the beachfront bar and enjoy the many tropical drinks & activities the island has to offer, the more adventurous souls find themselves walking along the miles of untouched sand; thick with minerals and ocean treasures. Along with hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful conch shells, sea sponges & coconuts line the seaweed at the high-tide markings.


To Infinity & Beyond!

After a long day of exploring, the perfect place to spend sunset at Bimini is at the edge of the world. The oceanfront infinity pool creates a tantalizing illusion of an endless body of water, and an excellent spot for pictures. With this captivating view & lifestyle, it's easy to feel as if you really can walk on water!


Party In Paradise

Once the sun goes down, that's when things really start to heat up on the island! The resorts offer an outdoor party atmosphere for visitors, with countless bars & live performers. Beach cabanas & fireside hammocks are ideal for relaxing after a day full of sight seeing, but for some, the night is just beginning! Back on the native's side of the island, the sundown celebrations begin, and villagers gathers to dance enjoy the company of one another. The parties roar relentlessly from dusk until the first glimpse of light breaches the morning sky, the perfect way to finish every day at such a beautiful & secluded oasis!


Bimini Bahamas Beaches

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Bimini, The Bahamas
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    • profile image

      Melissa 3 years ago

      It was a truly amazing place to visit for relaxation away from the rest of the world in a beautiful paradise-like setting!! Would definitely go again!