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A Small Shakespearean City in Ontario Canada

Updated on January 17, 2017

Other To Do's For Stratford

There are four theaters and plenty of culinary delights in the restaurants of Stratford. Come be a tourist in Stratford, the small city of 30,000 people where The famous Justin Bieber was born.

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There is as much drama down on the Avon River that flows through the middle of this city, as there is in the four theatres that flourish here in the spring, summer and fall months.

Swans,Black Australian Swan,Blue heron,Malard Duck Family

Nich and Angela(a year before Angela was killed)  with their three cynets.(baby swans)
Nich and Angela(a year before Angela was killed) with their three cynets.(baby swans) | Source
Black Austrailian Swan
Black Austrailian Swan | Source
Malard duck Family
Malard duck Family | Source
Blue Heron
Blue Heron | Source

Swan Parade

It all starts in the spring with a cast of character birds that are piped to the river by the Perth County Pipe Band, from their winter quarters to begin their mating seasons. In this parade, in April, you will see pairs of Mute White Swans, Black Australian Swan, Chinese geese, Ruddy Shel ducks, Canada Geese wadding to the river. Hundreds of people line the streets to guide them to the waters edge.

Newspaper and television crews come to Stratford to report this event.

When they hit the water, the battles begin for mating territory. In 2000, a regal cob (male Mute Swan) called Clyde became involved in a love triangle. The other stronger cob won the battle and Clyde drowned. His grave can be visited on the Avon River’s water edge where it occurred.

Most of the swans are named. Stratford is proud of these characters on Avon waters.

On Lake-shore drive, you will meet Lady Hamilton and Lord Nelson, Napoleon and Josephine, Charles1 and Margaret 11, Ken and Molly, Dolly and Goose Paint, Angela and Nick and many more.

These birds were here before the tourists were and are a symbol of Stratford. Stratford was devastated when a drunken youth took a club to Angela sitting on her nest of eight eggs and killed her leaving Nick to morn for two years as swans mate for life. He was apprehended and received one week in jail.

The Swans season on the river with Blue Herons. They nest in a secret nearby wetlands. This wetlands is kept secret for their protection and there is approximately 30 nests. The multitude of Mallard ducks, Cormorants, an odd Egret will visit, and of course Canada Geese in the fall.

You might be lucky enough to see a goose named Sammy who broke a wing and does not migrate with the other birds. He is a character waving his good wing and honking to the other birds as he is preaching. There are five geese that winter with the swans.

Gold Finches, Blue Jays, Black Birds, Red Cardinals, Crows all sing out echoing the train whistle that blows,when the trains are at street crossings, at the crack of dawn.

Stratford is it is own natural bird Sanctuary. Come and see you will be amazed.

Here's Is Stratford Walking Tour In the Fall of the Year

Last swim around the small Lake Victoria before the swans go into the shelter near the waterfront for the winter.
Last swim around the small Lake Victoria before the swans go into the shelter near the waterfront for the winter. | Source
The leaves are awesome this year.
The leaves are awesome this year. | Source
" Meet you in the shelter my friends."
" Meet you in the shelter my friends." | Source

Swans of Stratford

These swans were here before the tourists of Stratford came. In the winter they are kept in a shelter by the river. It has a fenced in yard so they can't fly away and get hurt on the ice over winter. A swan keeper will tend to all their needs for the winter.

Then near the first of the month of April they are piped back down to the river with bagpipes in a marching parade. Thousands of people come to see this event. See you there.


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    • suzzycue profile image

      Susan Britton 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Thank you Dolores. I am blessed to have been born here and love this walk around the river, watching the birds is calming to me.

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 6 years ago from East Coast, United States

      I love open water as well as bird watching. This would be the place for me!