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Black Cab Adventures

Updated on February 25, 2017

Black Cab Adventures

So I recently purchased the above 1996 Carbodies Fairway London Taxi with the intention of turning it into a catering vehicle.

I soon changed my mind and turned to the world of YouTube.

Instead I will be exploring Europe (mainly England, France and Italy) Driving to really cool beautiful locations vlogging the journey showing you guys what Europe has to offer.

Along the way you can expect karaoke, comedy, reinactments, acting, live music and much more coming from the taxi


YouTube BlackCabAdventures
YouTube BlackCabAdventures

Where in England should I visit?

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Owning a London taxi

This vehicle is quirky to say the least. The window switch for up is down and down for up. Windscreen wipers have a mind of their own, and all manner of flashy lights appear at will.

But with its 2.7 Turbo Nissan bullet proof engine she's a marine on wheels. These engines can do over 400k miles and still be golden. Mine has currently done 230k miles and still runs smooth as silk so many awesome days to come with long journeys.

London black cab 1996 carbodies fairway taxi
London black cab 1996 carbodies fairway taxi


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