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A Hidden Northern California Vacation Spot

Updated on November 7, 2012
Who would not want to spend a weekend here?
Who would not want to spend a weekend here?

A Relaxing Town for a Relaxing Vacation

Bodega Bay is located on the beautiful Northern California coast just 45 miles North of San Francisco and 50 miles West of Napa Valley. The location and beauty makes this a great place to stay for many people who want to get way from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is a great place to take a vacation. Bodega Bay has many different things to offer including, camping, hiking trails to breath taking views, and great spas if you want to enjoy relieve some stress. I have compiled a list of the main attractions in Bodega Bay.

  1. Bodega Bay lodging- Bodega Bay offers some excellent lodges. Bodega Bay lodge is a 4-diamond resort with 84 guest rooms with ocean views and fireplaces using decorative glazed bricks. There is a complimentary wine hour. There is five star dining at the Duck Club Restaurant. There are group retreats, spa and wine packages available. So if you’re looking for one of the best Bodega Bay hotels, look no further.
  2. Activities- There are so many activities to chose from when you visit Bodega Bay, there is a Bodgea Bay harbour golf course, but there are 16 other golf course within a 40 miles radius of Bodega Bay. There is also the Bodega Bay fishing center where you can go out and catch Salmon, Halibut, and Cod. You can also do sport crabbing or whale watching. There is also great kayaking available in Bodego if you feel like getting work out, and enjoying some beautiful scenery. But if you prefer to stay on shore, you might want to enjoy some horseback riding on the beach.
  3. RV and Tent Camping- if you are the real out doors type or maybe your traveling the country in your recreational vehicle. This would be a great option for you. There are many RV parks in the Bodega Bay area as well as many places to go tent camping. This would be a beautiful place to stay in a RV or camp in a tent.
  4. Hiking/Trails- this is another great outdoors thing to do. A nice relaxing hike looking over the beautiful Bodega Bay. Close to Bodega Bay is the Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve this park is home to many hiking and nature trails among the tallest trees in Sonoma County, you can bicycle here and there equestrian paths, and picnic areas. This is just one of many amazing places to go hiking, have picnics, and enjoy the nature surrounding Bodega Bay.
  5. Art Galleries- Maybe you don’t necessarily want to spend all your days outside with nature when you visit Bodega Bay. There are many art galleries build using sustainable tiles that you can visit while during your visit. The Bodega Bay heritage gallery celebrates the art and history of California. This gallery mainly focusing on impressionist paintings from 1880 to 1950.

Whether you like to stay indoors or go outdoors, there are plenty of things for you to do while you are staying in Bodega Bay. This list was just to give people ideas on what there is to do in Bodega Bay.

A Brief Glimpse Of Bodega Bay



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    • KickStart1 profile image

      Andrew Armstrong 5 years ago from San Francisco, California

      Hi, Western History! I couldn't agree more with about the great scenery. Bodega Bay has become one of my favorite go-to vacation spots for the weekend.

    • WesternHistory profile image

      WesternHistory 6 years ago from California

      Visited there many times. Great seafood and beautiful scenery.