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Top Reasons to Visit Bohol

Updated on October 29, 2012

Bohol is about an hour flight away from Manila, the country's capital. There are many connecting flights to Bohol from Manila.If you get to the Philippines via Cebu, Bohol is merely two hours by water fastcraft from there. One can book a flight direct to Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol.

Bohol is touted as one of the Philippines top travel destinations due to its natural beauty as evidenced by the number of tourist arrivals in this southern paradise island. The beauty of this place simply lures the adventure spirit of any traveller seeking for a respite from normal life. Bohol entices in all its fronts, the rustic countryside, the serene beaches, world-class diving spots, flora and fauna, caves, historic churches and the hospitality of the people is very remarkable.

What awaits you in Bohol

This island is home to the world famous Chocolate Hills, the hershy-like shaped mounds of earth that turn brown during the summer, thus, the name. During the rainy months, these same hills are awashed in refreshing green.

Beautiful Bohol Sunset (image with attribution license)
Beautiful Bohol Sunset (image with attribution license) | Source

The Hinagdanan caves in Panglao island, the resort island of Bohol, as well as other undiscovered caves in other areas are equally magnificient and should not be missed if one is visiting this travel destination.

The enthralling underwater world in the dive sites of Bohol offer an abundant and colorful variety of corals and fishes that will leave one in awe of such array of spectacular nature's visual feast hidden underneath the calm blue surface. The creatures in the seas of Bohol like the dolphins of Pamilacan island affords one a chance encounter with these friendly and gentle sea creatures frolicking in their natural habitat.

More so, the enticing countryside of Bohol boasts of wonderful greeneries. The local government has been proactive in preserving the areas natural environment. The man-made forest is home to towering trees that greet any visitor on his way to the Chocolate Hills.

The emerald green waters Loboc river gives a truly mesmerizing backdrop to a cruise. The river is well taken care of affording tourists an experience unlike any other. Loboc river is still very clean and not clogged with industrial waste.

Indeed, Bohol can be toured in two days but one is urged to spend a little more time with this simple island to witness the rustic and idyllic life and take in more of what is behind the landscape. It is simple living at its best and discover the uplifting aspect of the experience to the mind, heart and soul. It tells one of simple life, and of being close to the environment.

Discover that Bohol is much more than the Tarsier-moment you get when you go to Corella of the picture-worthy poses you can get at Chocolate Hills. Many foreigners have fallen love at first sight with this island. Don't stay too long as you might not want to leave, but take time to enjoy its natural beauty. A beauty that truly envigorates the mind and the spirit.

Visit Bohol

Plan your trip to the wonderful island of Bohol now. If you happen to go to the Philippines for a short or long trip, never miss taking a side trip to Bohol. Make it a part of the itinerary. Different modes of transportation are available but roaming on foot can still be done. Car and motorcycle rental services are also offered for one wanting to explore the island as an option. Just make sure the service is legitimstr and the vehicles are well-maintained. Light clothing is preferable for the most part of the year.

A markerBohol, Philippines -
Bohol, Pilipinas
get directions

A markerBohol, Philippines -
Bohol, Pilipinas
get directions


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