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Updated on May 17, 2012

Since the time I have written a review on, I have been receiving a lot of emails with recommendations for another online discount hotel rate provider. Many have read bad reviews about Agoda from forums and reviews on the web so they do not feel confident booking a hotel room through Agoda.

So I decided to make this review on, another company I use to find the best rates for hotels in Europe and the United States. is a part of (and so is Agoda I have to add). Everyone knows who Priceline is and what they do.

The only difference is that their specialty is the hotel market, while the parent company Priceline offers general travel related services. So if anyone planning to book a hotel room through should rest assure that they are dealing with a very reliable online hotel booking website.

I've mentioned that I use to search out the best hotel deals in the US and Europe. But they are also worth checking out if you are looking for a place to stay in Africa and the MIddle East. Since their office is headquartered in Europe they have a better grasp on the hotel market in those regions. Since they are focused in that sector they are able to provide very competitive hotel rates.

What I Like About

No one likes to pay a fee especially when it comes to cancelling on hotel reservations. But situations do arise out of the blue and can really hurt the pocket book when you lose out on your hard earned cash. Well they can provide customers with choices of hotels that offer free cancellations.

There are not a lot of hotel reservation agencies online that do not charge cancellation fees. But Rakuten Travel Inc., a company I use and recommend for booking hotels specifically in Japan is another that I can name off the top of my head. Agoda just recently started a no cancellation policy on certain rooms too.

The $30,000 Question

Does offer the best hotel room rates?

The online hotel reservation business like many is cut throat where everyone tries to out do each other. As much as I like using I also check out other websites too

But like many of their competitors have a Best Price policy. And that's good a good thing. However, you can find a lot of really good discount hotel rates on their website already without having to hold them up to their best price policy. It's good to know that you have the option though. Below is a snippet from their policy on their website.

"We want you to pay the lowest price possible for your hotel. Should you find your hotel room, with the same booking conditions, at a lower rate on the internet after you have booked, we'll match it. Just contact us within 24 hours of booking, with details of the website."


One of the biggest perks of using their website to book cheaper hotel rates around the world is that you usually don't have to pay up front.

Normally when you make a hotel reservation through competitor websites you have to pay instantly to secure your room reservation. Meaning your credit card will be charged immediately.

I find that usually lets you make payment at the hotel just when you check in. They only ask for your credit card information for securing the reservation. I find that this is useful for a lot of customers, especially when they need to cancel at the last minute or just want to budget out their vacation plans.


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