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Boquete Panama Guide

Updated on December 7, 2010
Boquete Panama
Boquete Panama | Source

Boquete, Panama

The small town of Boquete, Panama holds an allure for many. The town draws many expats and retirees, especially from the United States. People are drawn to the small-town friendliness of Boquete, Panama, the safety and the overall tranquility.

Boquete, which is situated near the Caldera River, has a population of about 20,000 people in the whole area (not just the town, which has several thousand.) It boasts lush scenery and a plethora of activities.

Here are some interesting facts about Boquete:

  • It sits near the Volcan Baru, a dormant volcano and the highest mountain in Panama
  • The area around Boquete is home to many coffee farms, some of the world's best coffee is produced there
  • Many outdoor adventures are available in the area around Boquete, from whitewater rafting to hiking to mountain biking and birding
  • There is a vibrant, active expat community in Boquete

Visiting Boquete, Panama

Boquete, Panama provides a wide range of activities for all sorts of tourists. Some of the most popular tourist activities in Boquete include:

Outdoor adventure tourism -- from rafting to treks to mountain biking and mountain climbing. Many tour companies offer a wide range of activities designed to get the adrenaline pumping.

Eco tourism -- Bird watching, tours of coffee farms and other activities make Boquete a paradise for the environmentally conscious tourist.

Boquete is a small town, but there are hotels ranging from spa hotel to hole-in-the-wall, as well as restaurants ranging from Central American cuisine to seafood to French to Italian.

Boquete: a Virtual Tour

Retiring to Boquete, Panama

Recently, Boquete has received a lot of attention as a retirement haven, and has been named one of the top places in the world to retire by several publications. Here are some of the reasons Boquete is an increasingly attractive place to retire:

  • It's relatively undiscovered for U.S. residents, compared to many places in Mexico that have been virtually overrun by U.S. retirees.
  • At the same time, there's a thriving expat/retiree community, so new residents have other retirees to reach out to, to build community with and to help them get acclimated.
  • The U.S. dollar goes far in Panama, in particular in Boquete, so retirees are able to live lifestyles they might not be able to enjoy in the United States. Real estate is available at a variety of price ranges, including some truly breathtaking properties with mountain, river or forest views at prices hundreds of thousands lower than what a U.S. house surrounded by such natural beauty might fetch.
  • The much-touted "pensionando program" in Panama, where people on a fixed income can receive certain discounts. Many publications rave about it, but one blogger in Panama has a different view.


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