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What A Great Place!

Updated on August 8, 2015

Lake Louise

Lake Louise, just one of the thousands of gorgeous lakes in Canada.
Lake Louise, just one of the thousands of gorgeous lakes in Canada. | Source

"ITS SO COLD" this was my first impression of the country I now consider too be one of the few that is not completely over-run by social media, urban development and nasty people. My original impression was immediately replaced by a warming smile and welcome from the staff at Vancouver airport where I had just landed. The first thing I picked up on was the friendliness of these amazing people and I hadn't even talked to any of them yet. Before I get into the brilliant things about this country I would like to state that this is not a bias article, I'm sure there are more countries like this but as for the ones I have traveled too none have compared. In this article I will be making a few points about why Canada is my favorite country to visit and why I do one day plan to live there.

The Back Country

After arriving in Canada I met up with friends and we got in the RV and were off into the country side. First impressions, Speechless. I can not describe to you in words the beauty and tranquility of the Canadian back country. The trees so full of life and lakes so perfect and pure. The best thing of all though, it's untouched, a lot of it has no reception, no internet, not even a television, just pure living. You may be thinking why is this 18 year old so excited and happy about not having the internet and no reception and therefore no Facebook, no texting and no play station, well i'm different. I come from rural New Zealand and since moving to the city I have missed, more than anything, just being away from it all in the heart of pure country side. I do not have Facebook or a play station, I do not even own a television, but I am happy. So being in the Canadian countryside was just my little slice of heaven. The moment we left reception I turned my cell phone off and it did not get turned back on until I was back home. Out there you don't need a cellphone or a television, the forest is your screen and any communication is done face to face. The way it should be.

Slice Of Heaven

The beautiful Canadian back country.
The beautiful Canadian back country. | Source

The Incredible People

The biggest thing I found about Canada was just how amazing the locals are and not just the rural people but every one. These people are not like a lot of other people I have met on my travels, but instead they are kind hearted and willing to help with anything they can. They are not judgemental and they are not ignorant they are just genuine laid back people and it seems to me that that's the Canadian way, and I love it. In fact from the moment I walked out of the airport and accidentally into the flow of traffic I seen just the sort of people they are. A car, who had to brake quickly to avoid hitting me instantly got out and began to apologize to me. I was quite taken aback and confused as I did not understand why he was apologizing too me when I had made the mistake. However as I have now found out this is just the sort of people Canadians are.

Happy Canadians

Canadians always wear a smile.
Canadians always wear a smile. | Source

A Great Place To Be

In conclusion, Canada is a country filled with brilliant people and fantastic scenery. If you, like myself, enjoy living the simple somewhat old fashion lifestyle then this is one place I would recommend above all. It is a place where you can be completely cut off from the world, and be yourself but best of all, be happy and content with it. The people of Canada, as I mentioned earlier, are also some of the most loveliest people you will ever meet. So if you get the chance to visit, most certainly do so.


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