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Boscastle in Cornwall

Updated on June 30, 2017

It's small but stunning

When I was younger, we used to come on holiday to Cornwall every year, my Aunt had a farm in Boscastle so we would spend summers there with her. And I think the true test of how interesting a place is if a child can go there year after year and never get bored, and I never did. Even though it is a small place, it is so interesting that I think it would be impossible to get tired of it!

This is the view from the car park in Boscastle
This is the view from the car park in Boscastle

Everything About it is Pretty

When you pull up in Boscastle, you are even met with a beautiful view from the car park, and that beauty doesn't stop throughout the whole of the village. Everywhere you look there is something pretty to see.

No big Supermarkets in Boscastle

The shops might be small but they are so beautiful in keeping with the landscape they almost blend in and become part of the scenery. There are no large chain supermarkets in the village but there are a couple of convenience stores. The other shops are exactly what you would expect from a place like Boscastle and some of them are even still there from when I was a child! There are shops selling locally made goods, beautiful jewellery and even the famous Museum of Witchcraft and Magic.

It is a Steep Walk

Boscastle might be small and beautiful, but if you are walking, it is pretty steep! The centre of the village is relatively flat, but beyond that, anyone with limited mobility would definitely struggle.
If you can make it up the cliff to see the views from up there then I would definitely recommend that you try. It might be a struggle but the view alone is well worth the effort.

Boscastle and the Valency Valley

The residents of Boscastle are all really friendly and it is a great place to take dogs as some of the walks are perfect for them and a lot of the shops put out bowls of water for dogs which I always think is really nice.
Boscastle and the Valency Valley is a national trust area, but I have yet to come across a place you have to pay to get to, everything seems to be totally free which means you can enjoy a beautiful walk around a breathtaking place without spending anything (If you can stay out of the gorgeous shops!)


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