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Bosnia & Herzegovina - The Latest IT Destination

Updated on August 25, 2015

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the land that was severely damaged in the war in 90’s and is up till today still recovering from the consequences. People still live by quite low standards and don’t have much, but their generosity and hospitality has not been touched nevertheless. These people are incredibly nice and welcoming, inviting you to their home for the real, dark, strong Bosnian coffee and giving you everything they possibly can to make you happy, after only knowing you for like a minute. They are never skeptical of people coming to their homes, it’s just in their nature to be trusting and communicative. Me and my co-worker Tom, were lucky enough to have met many people on our way, I was touched by how simple they were and how quickly they accept you as their own.

Right at the source of Miljacka river
Right at the source of Miljacka river

Once we were passing by a stranger with a car, looking for a way to the spring of a nearby stream. We asked him for directions and the next thing I know he was sitting in the car with us, pointing the right directions and telling us stories about his life, his family, inviting us to his house for coffee anytime we are nearby. OF course we couldn’t have said no to an invitation like that, so we went to visit him (his name is Slavko) to his place and we were accepted as highly important guests, treated with much respect and admiration for being interested in their lives. Not to mention his wife brought us one of the best home-made juices I have ever tasted. Apparently it was made of wild cherries, which later Slavko took us to taste on his mother’s property. Standing there under the wild cherry tree, picking up tiny, little black cherries, that tasted like a perfect mixture of blackberries and cherries, with the same color effect, with a stranger who almost became a friend already, seemed like “this is what is all about”. This is what I live for - a life, where people can be united, no matter where they come from, no matter who they are, what they have, just simply people being together, appreciating one another. It was an absolutely beautiful experience, which I enjoyed very much and will never forget. And things like this happen to you in every corner in Bosnia if you are an opened person, interested in getting to know people.

Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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In Bosnia and Herzegovina I felt like time has stopped a little bit, it made me think of my country about 20 years ago, where most of the land was not yet touched by globalism. People work during the day, but then in the evening you will see everyone sitting in front or in the back of their houses, hanging out with their families, having snacks and chatting. Life is not stressful there, yes they don’t have much and mostly have to grow food in their own gardens in order to have enough to eat, but - they have not fallen into this crazy modern schedule yet, where people rarely take a minute to breathe, relax and… well, simply live. And this is what I loved about the country a lot - not everything is about material things, they put a lot of effort into good relations among themselves - they will always say hi and have a friendly chat with everybody they know (also with anybody they don’t know for that matter) and take time to have a drink or spend time with them.

eating traditional Bosnian food - burek - at one of the most famous travel spots, Baščaršija (in Sarajevo).
eating traditional Bosnian food - burek - at one of the most famous travel spots, Baščaršija (in Sarajevo).

Another thing I absolutely adored about Bosnia is their food. My gosh, they are absolutely the masters of great tastes and delicious recipes. My favorite there was absolutely “mučkalica” which is a stew made of meat from barbecue and vegetables with “kajmak” which is cream-textured dairy product, similar to sour cream. Then there is a typical Bosnian “burek” which is a name for baked pastries, filled with different ingredients (meat, quark, spinach, potatoes), and made of a flaky, thin dough. And tons of other foods - just know that you will hardly ever be disappointed with a meal in Bosnia.

The prices there are absolutely kind to your wallets, so if you’re on the budget, this is a great destination for you. And the fact that the country is mostly not crowded with tourists makes it that much more authentic, there are no people begging for money or trying to sell you things.

This used to be a bobsleigh track, build for the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo
This used to be a bobsleigh track, build for the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo

Learn more about Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia has the most amazing nature, it has beautiful rivers surrounded by mountains, lakes, caves, valleys. Just about anywhere you go you are accompanied by wonderful views. Bosnia is also one of the biggest exporters of wood for the European countries, especially Italy. The fruits and vegetables from there are mostly organic and grown in untouched nature, which is why I enjoyed having fruits there - they really had that natural, home-grown taste. Drina, Neretva and Tara are three of the most famous rivers in Bosnia due to the amazingly beautiful valleys they flow through and the beautiful green color they all have. They all offer awesome rafting adventures and beautiful places to see. Amazing sights are also wonderful bridges over the rivers, two of the most famous are in Mostar, where a beautiful, old stone-bridge rises up high above Neretva and River Drina bridge, which also has a big historical significance, since a Nobel Prize awarded book by Ivo Andrić was written about it.

You can enjoy the view of a beautiful nature during your whole trip.
You can enjoy the view of a beautiful nature during your whole trip.

If you enjoy night-life Sarajevo is the place to go to party, Bosnian people are good at that, and they have good, upbeat music and like to move. When is Sarajevo you absolutely most not miss going to Baščaršija, the old square with mosque and a great deal of the most amazing restaurants in Sarajevo, there you can try all the local specialties I mentioned before and many more, such as one of the best Muslim deserts “baklava” and the strong Turkish coffee with sugar-jelly so you can sweeten the coffee in your mouth.

The country has a lot of historical monuments, with great, interesting stories behind them, so a lot of places there feel like travelling back in time.

Just a few of the reasons why visiting Bosnia is a great idea and why more and more people love it and return from trips there super excited about it.

Stari Most (Old Bridge) in Mostar
Stari Most (Old Bridge) in Mostar

Watch this great video of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • profile image


    4 years ago

    Ah, I love Bosnia, reading this made me sooo nostalgic! Wonderful article, really enjoyed reading it and remembering my travel to Bosnia ;)

  • Usemybee profile image


    4 years ago from Slovenia

    The poet says: "For the friends we have to take the time." The same applies for Bosnia.

  • CatherineGiordano profile image

    Catherine Giordano 

    4 years ago from Orlando Florida

    Thanks for letting us know about the glories of Bosnia. It seems like such a beautiful country and wonderful place to visit.


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