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Things To Do In Boston, Ma For Tourists

Updated on January 19, 2011

Have Fun Touring Boston with The Old World Feel of Boston's North End!

The old North End of Boston. Ah. Having lived in Rome as a student, and being a poor waitress grad student now, I really miss Rome. Other than watching La Dolce Vita on repeat and eating Ben and Jerry's out of the container, the only thing that makes missing Italy go away is a trip to Boston's Italian neighborhood, the North End. Walking through the old neighborhood, you'll find the streets dotted with barbers, tailors, all night bakeries, family doctors, dressmakers, pizza joints, fancy restaurants, and places to stop in for a quick cappucino or gelato.  So that you don't miss any of my long time favorite things to do in Boston, I've made a list of the places you must visit during a trip to Boston and its wonderfully vibrant Italian neighborhood.

1. Pizzeria Regina

11 1/2 Thatcher Street Boston

I love it that Pizzeria Regina has not changed since my mom first took me there in the 80's. Actually, I don't think it has changed much since they opened in 1926. Though they now have a few more Pizzeria Reginas in New England, this one in the North End is the original, and it is an absolute must-stop when in Boston. The pizza here is incredible, and the old-world ambiance is unbeatable. Expert Tip: you will want to have directions in hand to get here (not a far walk at all but is a little set back). But, getting there is so much fun!

2. Mike's Pastry

300 Hanover Street Boston

Located right on ever-bustling Hanover Street in Boston, the folks at Mike's Pastry are almost always working hard to stay ahead of the always lines.... because their pastries are unbelievable. And the selection! You can stop here and eat your pastry at a table (if you can find one)....or get pastries to go, (so you have something for later! you won't regret it) and move on to my next stop, right next door!

3. Caffe Vittoria

290-296 Hanover Street Boston

Right next door to Mike's Pastry. After having had great pizza at Pizzeria Regina, Caffe Vittoria is a wonderful way to continue that old-world feel while relaxing with a cappucino and a cup of gelato. This cafe was opened in 1929 and is a great way to end a fun night (or day) in Boston's North End.


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