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Boutique Hotels: Intimate and Elegant Places to Stay for a Relaxing Break

Updated on January 14, 2013

In the ever-changing travel opportunities, either home or abroad, it is starting to become a lot more popular to book a room in one of the more compact and small-sized boutique hotels and not larger resorts and apartment complexes. A boutique hotel is found to offer a higher degree of relaxation and luxury, while also giving a better chance of being able to experience the culture of a particular travel destination.

Perfect for the family holidays to romantic breaks, these delightful lodgings are designed to give a more personal service to its guests and gives a perfect place to stay for one or two days to several weeks or more.

Where Did the Boutique Hotels Originate From?

The more intimate hotels first started to become popular in the 80s when they first appeared in several of the more visited cities around the world, such as New York and London. It was first intended to offer a more accessible alternative to the larger brand name hotels. They soon became highly favored with the travelers in search of accommodation that is a little different and quirky. The original boutique styled hotels where often known for their original and chic decor. Today, they can range from the chic design to the more creative, stylish, and modern design, which often puts a great importance on a relaxed and casual feel. A recurring theme with these hotels is the more compact size and design; hotels typically have less than 100 rooms for guests.

The Setting of a Stunning Boutique Hotel

It is often found that many of the boutique hotels appear at some of the finest destination hot sports across the world and feature in high-class properties. These properties are likely to consist of old prisons, schools, breweries, and warehouses. Most of the hotels are fitted out to an extremely high quality and come equipped with the latest modern conveniences, such access to large-size televisions and Wi-Fi. In addition to the high-quality rooms, these hotels also offer such extras as impressive restaurant choices, alluring bars, and relaxing spas.

So if you are searching luxury boutique Melbourne accommodation that is able to offer a personal and intimate feel, you shouldn't have a problem with the many small and beautiful hotels available for someone on a short and relaxing getaway. With the largely modern and luxurious rooms, you are almost certain to be impressed with the quality of this type of accommodation.


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