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Bricklane - Brick Lane London

Updated on May 11, 2011

Brick Lane London

As you will know from my previous hubs and updates, I visited London last week and wrote about the British Museum but I was eager to show you the Bricklane video where I was walking through at night with my friends.

I have had a little trouble uploading the Brick lane film that I made, I think I filmed it on landscape with my phone and therefore when I rotated it online it has been given some ugly black boarders but you still get a good glimpse of the madness that surrounds Bricklane at night time and this wasn't even on a busy night!

During the day time there are very busy Brick Lane markets and people will simply sell whatever they have to offer in the narrow streets, our friends for example, are very artistic and printed their own T-shirt designs and sold them. On this particular day it was very messy with rubbish being left from the fruit and vegetable stalls and it was at that time being swept up by the street cleaner.

Bars in Brick Lane

There are many bars in Brick Lane and this photograph gives you a clearer look at what it appears like at night time since my Brick Lane film is a little fuzzy.  Brick Lane E1 is a bohemian and trendy area in the East End of London, you may be shocked by the liberal vibe that surrounds the crowds, metro-sexually dressed young men are a popular sight and I also saw young lesbian couples holding hands.

One of the best bars in Brick Lane is called '93 Feet East' and has a regular DJ set playing Funky House, Elektro and Indie music, Live acts include established and unknown bands but booking is not required.

Brick Lane Gallery

Brick Lane really has no need for Art galleries because as far as I am concerned the whole street is one giant 'Brick Lane gallery', as I was walking through I got the impression you could simply find a wall and begin painting a mural and no body would be concerned. Perhaps it has been excepted as part of the culture there and business owners have recognised that it adds to the tourist industry but I also didn't see any police around to stop graffiti art.

Banksy has recently opened a gallery at 196 Brick Lane which includes numerous exhibitions by worldwide artists. There are canvas works but there are also installation pieces in and outdoors as seen above.

Photo courtesy of aroberts

Photo courtesy of adversmedia

Brick Lane Curry House

Brick Lane was originally most famous because of its large selection of curry houses, but there is a long history of how this became a central location for Huguenot refugees who were later followed by Irish, Jewish and Bangladeshi immigrants. It was firstly a prime location for the weaving and clothing industry because non British speaking residents could only provide unskilled labour.

Today there is a wide variety of cuisine aside from the typical curry house, In the 'Food Hall' you have the El Mexichno, Moroccan Paradise, Acaraje Brazilian and Japanese Okonomiyaki. Just be aware of 'touters' who try to entice you in with offers of free drinks, it is illegal for them to harass you and they could have their license suspended if you report them!

Photo courtesy of mediaflema


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